Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pegasus Marketplace Update

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Marketplace Update: The Celestial Pegasus Soars into ArcheAge

Marketplace Update: The Celestial Pegasus soars into ArcheAge
The Marketplace has been updated! The contents and drop rates of supply crates and chests have been improved moving forward, starting with the new Celestial Archeum Supply Crate . Many of the common items have been removed such as Flame Pinions and Vocation Expertise Tonics. Archeum Dust has been removed and Archeum Essence has been added to the drop table. Drop rates of rare items such as Red Regrade Charms and the Celestial Pegasus have also been increased.
New Marketplace Items
  • Celestial Archeum Supply Crate : Has a rare chance to contain the Celestial Pegasus – a mount that also has the ability to glide. Available for 490 Credits.
    • Important: Celestial Archeum Supply Crate and Celestial Pegasus are untradeable.
  • Armageddon Mount Armor : Get ready for battle in this majestic red and gold armor for your mount or battle pet.
    • Armageddon Pet Helm – Available for 525 Credits.
    • Armageddon Mount Saddle – Available for 600 Credits. The saddle can only be worn by mounts.
    • Armageddon Pet Leggings – Available for 650 Credits.
    • Important: All pieces of the Armageddon armor are untradeable.
  • Sylvas Nocturne Outfit : A black on white suit with red trim for males and black dress with black stockings for females. Complete the hopping look with a top hat with bunny ears for males and bunny ears for females.
    • Sylvas Nocturne Bottoms – Available for 575 Credits.
    • Sylvas Nocturne Shoes – Available for 475 Credits.
    • Sylvas Nocturne Top – Available for 745 Credits.
    • Sylvas Nocturne Headgear – Available for 300 Credits.
  • Jumbo Home Sweet Home Plushie : An all-new plushie for the plushie connoisseurs, this time with a head shaped like a house! Available for 500 Credits.
New Loyalty Store Items
  • Celestial Pegasus : The all-purpose Celestial Pegasus mount glides into the Loyalty Store and is available for 625 Loyalty Tokens.
    • Important: The Celestial Pegasus is untradeable.
Removed Marketplace Items
  • Aquatic Archeum Supply Crate
  • Yata Pirate’s Chest
  • Cheerberry Yata Costume
  • Yata Hats:
    • Black Yada Yada Yata Hat
    • Blue Rabbit-Yata Hat
    • Green Rabbit-Yata Hat
    • Red Rabbit-Yata Hat
    • Striped Yada Yada Yata Hat
    • Yada Yada Yata Hat
  • Rabbit-Yata Plushie Hood
  • Jumbo Groundling Shaman Plushie

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