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Omen of Dread Prophecies

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Omen of Dread Prophecies

Omen of Dread Prophecies
Since before the conquest of Auroria, Erenor’s vast ocean has been as much a home to its peoples as the continents they set sail from. Today, stalwart adventurers, cunning merchants, and dastardly pirates can be found on the Arcadian Sea from the southernmost waters of Halcyona Gulf to the contested Diamond Shores of the north. However, regardless of where they make berth or to which faction they pledge, any sailor worth their salt has felt the change in the wind and know that the seas have untold stories to tell. Legends of shadowy ships crewed by fallen sprits and the unfathomable treasure their rotting hulls carry. Rumors of new, undiscovered lands to race towards and claim as their own and the new rewards their appetite for exploration may bring them. Tales of galleons returning to drydock and being redesigned by their captains as tactically custom-built vessels and the rise of imposing armadas strengthened by their diversity.

An omen of Dread Prophecies is upon the races of Erenor. The Nuians, Elves, Firran, and Harani who call the ocean their home know their lives upon it shall change and that their survival depends on preparing for what awaits them on the darkening horizon.
Omen of Dread Prophecies
Dread Prophecies, the next major update to ArcheAge, is set to launch on April 28 and adventure on the high seas will never be the same. To help adventurers across Erenor prepare for the many changes coming to the game, we have a series of feature spotlights, weekly events, livestreams, and more leading to the update’s launch and beyond.
Feature Spotlights
Be ready on day one when Dread Prophecies goes live with these feature spotlights about some of the new gameplay changes coming to ArcheAge:
New Zones
Discover Golden Ruins and Mistmerrow, two new zones being introduced in Dread Prophecies.
Read more…
Ship Customization
Read how to turn your galleon into a heavy warship, recon-oriented freighter, or defensible carrier.
Read more…
Naval Combat Changes
Learning how to tackle the improved ship physics and more coming to naval combat.
Available April 24
Abyssal Attack
Explore the Watery Grave north-west of Freedich Island for a new nautical PvP adventure.
Available after Dread Prophecies Launch
Omen of Dread Prophecies Contest
Join us on the Public Test Server to tailor your galleon’s design and capture it traversing the seas for a chance at treasures! Our April contest is a screenshot competition where the images that best highlight the new ship customizations in action will win Dread Prophecies loot. Look for this contest to be posted soon!
Omen of Dread Prophecies Events
Prepare for the challenges to come in Dread Prophecies with in-game events each week in April:
Reap What You Sow: April 17-19
Adventurers are racing back to their fields and farms to turn their swords to plowshares, stockpiling goods and resources for the challenges ahead. During this event, spending Labor Points will reward half of it back as a bonus. For every 1000 Labor Points spent, a bound 500 Labor Point potion will be sent to the most recently active character on that account.
Event Duration: Friday, April 17 at 1:00 PM PDT (GMT-7) to Sunday, April 19 at 1:00 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Rewards Distributed: Monday, April 20

Bearing Treasures from Distant Shores: April 24-27
Peace may be good for business but the threat of war is good for business as well. During this event, turn in a trade pack intercontinentally for Charcoal, Rock Salt, Crystal, or Dragon Essence Stabilizers to receive 20 Loyalty Points at the end of this event. The top five characters (per server) that turn in the most trade packs for stabilizers will each receive an additional 60 Loyalty Tokens and a tiered reward: first place will receive an epic-grade Charred Bonekraal Figurehead, second place will receive an Armored Wavewyrm Costume, and third, fourth, and fifth place will each receive two Crest Trade Pack Storage items.
Event Duration: Friday, April 24 at 1:00 PM PDT (GMT-7) to Monday, April 27 at 1:00 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Rewards Distributed: Tuesday, April 28
Chum the Waters: April 28 – May 5
All is chaos on land and sea, making the tide run red. During this event, all honor gains made through open world PvP will be doubled. Tread and sail carefully, adventurers.
Event Duration: Tuesday, April 28 to Tuesday, May 5
Rewards Distributed: Immediately
The ArcheAge Team will be demonstrating new features in the latest Dread Prophecy build during our weekly livestream each Friday on our Twitch channel :
Dread Prophecies Livestream: Ship Customization, New Obsidian Equipment, Archeum Changes, Achievement System
Behold the many changes coming in Dread Prophecies in this massive showcase of new features and improved gameplay.
Airs April 17 at 2:30 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Dread Prophecies Livestream: Live Naval Battle Demonstration
Experience the thrill of updated ship combat in ArcheAge before the update arrives! The team will also hunt down ghost ships and salvage a shipwreck for sunken treasure.
Airs April 24 at 2:30 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Dread Prophecies Livestream: Community Q&A
Ask questions about Dread Prophecies on the forums or in chat and we’ll answer them live!
Airs May 1 at 2:30 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Dread Prophecies Trailer
Coming just before Dread Prophecies launches, members of the ArcheAge Team discuss their favorite new features being introduced to ArcheAge in a new trailer. Be sure to keep an eye out for it on our Twitter , Facebook , and YouTube channel !
Test Dread Prophecies Now
Eager to try out ArcheAge’s latest update before it launches? Join us on the Public Test Server (PTS) starting April 17! A set of special in-game commands to grant you the items you’ll need to properly experience the new content can be found in the PTS forums . Be sure to also read the latest patch notes for this update .
Heed the omen and prepare yourselves for the Dread Prophecies to come, adventurers!

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