Saturday, April 25, 2015

[In-Progress] Dread Prophecies (1.7A) Patch Notes [Early Draft]

[In-Progress] Dread Prophecies (1.7A) Patch Notes [EARLY DRAFT]

Click here for the official patch notes.

Note from Amary:
We're typing through these patch notes ASAP, so more will be added to this post as we get through them, but we want to get what we have already out here so you all can start having a look at them. These are very draft notes and we expect edits to be made for priority, wording, layout etc. for the live publish.

Note from Gunthore:
Wow, these patch notes clock in at 20 pages, 870 lines, ~8400 words. Have fun reading them, remember things will change below, whether it's wording, typos, additions, or what have you. I'll keep it updated.

* All ships now have a base amount of HP determined by their size and classification. The Growling Yawl has more HP than other Small Warships due to its previous rarity.
* Crest Stamps can now be applied to individual ship sails rather than to the ship scroll.
* Added lighthouses to a number of zones (Ezi's Light) where ships can be customized and upgraded.
A circle around a lighthouse is visible on the map and it defines the radius of where a ship can be customized.
* Lighthouses are faction restricted as follows:
- Two Crowns: Can be used by Nuian Alliance
- Austera: Can be used by Haranya Alliance
- Growlgate Isle: Can be used by Pirates
- Diamond Shores: Open to all factions
- Whirlpool Isle: Can be used by the faction who currently claims it
* Modified the Ship Info Interface to provide more details about a ship's statistics.
* Added a secondary window that shows the active components on a ship.
* Drag-and-drop ship components from your inventory to the slots on the secondary window to equip them.
* Equipping a ship component for the first time will bind it to the captain.
* Added Ship Component Regrade Scrolls.
- These scrolls can be obtained by killing sea-dwelling NPCs and from nautical encounters.
- Using these scrolls on eligible Ship Components (Figureheads, Sails, Armaments) will result in the part's grade increasing or the part being destroyed.
- No Regrade Charms can be used during the ship regrade process.
- The level of difficulty to obtain a high grade ship component is much easier than with Weapons, Armor and Accessories.
- Ship Components increase in weight and functionality as their grade improves.
* Added the recipe to craft an Explosives Workstation.
- Can be attached to a ship in a Storage Slot by replacing a trade pack crate.
- Provides access to craft Ammo and related materials.
* The Ship Repair system has been changed.
- Material: Shatigon's Sand is a reagent consumed during ship repair - it can be purchased from a General Merchant for 1 gold.
- The amount of HP restored to a ship during repair is based on the repairing character's Machining skill and the classification of the vessel.
* Modified the base abilities of some ships.
- Removed the “Ship Charge” ability.
- Removed “Eco-Friendly Fuel” from the requirements for “Forewind”, but the duration of the effect has been decreased.
* Changed the ship wreckage created when a ship is destroyed.
- Players have a small chance to obtain gold and items from a wreckage.
- “Ezi's Fire” will be created among the wreckage, which can be rammed with a ship to restore some HP and enable ship customization for 45 seconds.
- There is a low chance that a treasure chest will spawn and sink to the bottom of the ocean when a ship is destroyed.
* Added a ship component called Caernord Sea Serpent Propellers.
- This item can only be equipped by clipper class vessels and gives them a short duration, short cooldown speed boost.
* Added a ship component that replaces fish-finding navigation with a sea-monster locator for longliners.
* Added 9 new cannons types that can be attached to ships. These cannons can be crafted at a Ship Component Workbench with the Machining Proficiency:
- Naval Cannon - Basic Siege Cannon
- Shrapnel Cannon - High Damage Anti-Infantry Cannon
- Large-Caliber Cannon - Slow but powerful Siege Cannon
- High-Angle Siege Cannon - Moderate Damage, High Firing Arc, Siege Cannon
- High-Speed Siege Cannon - Moderate Damage, Rapid Fire Siege Cannon
- Chain-Shot Cannon - Split Siege and Anti-Infantry Damage Cannon, also deals bonus damage to Ship Sails
- Multipurpose Cannon - Moderate Damage Anti-Infantry Cannon with minor Siege Damage
- Captain's Cannon - Fixed angle cannon that can be fired by a Captain (Clipper Only)"
* Added 9 figureheads that can be attached to ships. The special abilities granted by each Figurehead scale in potency and effectiveness as their grade improves. These figureheads can be crafted at a Ship Component Workbench with the Machining Proficiency:
- Goddess Nui Figurehead - Provides Damage Reduction and Increases Ship Repair Effectiveness
- Lionheart Figurehead - Increases the static regeneration rate of a Ship
- Bonekraal Figurehead - Increases total ship health
- Beast Figurehead - Decreases damage taken by nearby allied merchant ships
- Charred Bonekraal Figurehead - Increases total ship health and improves ramming capabilities
- Raging Lionheart Figurehead - Fires dumb-fire bombs that stun and deal siege damage from the front of a ship
- Ivory Nui Figurehead - Activated by the captain this figurehead resurrects all nearby allies with a long cooldown
- Sea Drake Figurehead - Increases a ship's Siege Damage reduction and also spews a stream of flame when activated (may be disabled at this time)
- Tsunami Figurehead - Increases a ship's turning capabilities and provides ship push and pull abilities at high grade
* Cannons, Sails and Figureheads can now be individually damaged and destroyed. Each of these ship components have a health pool that is independent of the ship they're mounted on. They can be repaired with Shatigon's Sand similarly to how ships can be repaired.
* View ranges on navigation components like the Telescope or Compass have been improved. The view radius is determined by the tier of the navigation component.
* Changed the way ship sails are furled and unfurled from a basic interaction to a station that can be manned and used.
* The boosts provided from sails have been broadened and now each type has unique statistics.
* Decreased the Underwater Breathing Apparatus's charging time significantly.
* The sails now have collision against characters.
* The Harpoon Clipper is now outfitted with a rear-facing harpoon that cannot be modified. The front facing Harpoon can be changed through the ship customization interface.
* Ships now deal frontal damage through ramming when they collide with an opposing vessel. The amount of damage dealt is based on the weight and speed of the attacking ship. Some figureheads like the Charred Bonekraal boost the ramming ability.
* Whirlpools in the sea now affect ships physically.
* Materials to create a Drydock have changed based on a ship's size classification. The recipes can be viewed under the Machining Proficiency.
* The Growling Yawl has undergone the Dread Prophecies Ship Conversion process and has gained the following attributes when compared to other Small Warships:
- Increased maximum player occupancy from 20 to 30,
- Added the skill: Strong Forewind (Increases ship speed temporarily, 3 minute cooldown),
- Increased the base health of the ship hull from 70,000 to 85,000,
- Base ship components improved to Growling Zephyr versions including the appearance Bonekraal Décor.
* Ships now receive damage when colliding with other ship and terrain while in contested zones. No collision damage occurs in protected zones.
* Daru Auctioneers now provide a quest to introduce players to ship component regrading.

* The Attack of the Abyss is a new event that takes place in the northern seas.
* Occurs at 9pm every day at the Sea of Graves.
* Kill the “Abyssal Kraken” at the Whirlpool Isle to restore a destroyed Ezi's Light.
* When the "Abyssal Kraken" is killed, it spawns Archaic Coins Container, which can drop Gilda Star Bags.
* When a faction restores Ezi's Light, a Victory Flag will be created at the Whirlpool Isle and around the victorious faction's Worldgate: Attack of the Abyss.
* Players can get a "Protector of the Seas" buff from the Victory Flag.
* After Ezi's Light is restored, Abyssal Crystal and crafting stations will appear on Whirlpool Isle.
* When players approach the Whirlpool Isle, they will get an “Abyssal Burden” debuff. You cannot use gliders, and take continuous damage in water, while under the effect of “Abyssal Burden”.

* Added new ocean mobs: Delphinad Ghost Ship and Ghost Ship.
* These NPC multi-group raid level encounters spawn randomly each day. The Ghost Ship sails the seas looking for unsuspecting adventurers. Combat these opponents through customized ships. When killed, they periodically drop ship components as rewards and a very rarely a tradepack of extreme value.

* Removed Guard NPCs on the 3 islands around Freedich Isle, and changed the Automatic Cannons to cannons that can be controlled by players.
* Removed the housing province in Freedich Isle. (PTS may be in an unremoved state due to testing)
* Removed all factions' teleport bases near Freedich Isle respawn points.
* Added a Gold Trader to Freedich Isle that appears twice a day for one hour and accepts all packs for high gold payouts. A system message occurs when he spawns.
* Removed the Memory Tomes on Freedich Island for Nuians, Haranyans, and Pirates.
* Players who had previously established teleport points to a faction specific island or to a house on the main island will notice that these teleports have been removed.
* Players who owned housing on Freedich Isle will be receiving an eminent domain package of the following goods:
- 8x8: 625g, 5x Worker's Compensation Potion: 500, Materials to re-build the structure and a unique title “Freedich Fellowship”
- 16x16: 2500g, 20x Worker's Compensation Potion: 500, Materials to re-build the structure and a unique title “Freedich Fellowship”"

* A new type of trader, Ocean Traders, have been added.
- Two Crowns: Martus
- Solis Headlands: Suiharan
- Growlgate Isle: Bormas
- Diamond Shores: Ellie
- Freedich Isle: Sorgo
* Added Specialties that can be sold to Ocean Traders for an increased amount of gold.
- Refined Whirlpool Isle Crystal
- Delphinad Register
- Fine Delphinad Pottery
- Perdita Statue Torso
* Changed certain aspects of the ocean recovery (salvaging) system.
- Salvaging/recovering ships and mobs from the sea yields ship part designs. (Ghost Ships, Delphinad Ghost Ship has better yields)
- Offers a low chance of looting Specialties that can be sold to Ocean Traders at a high price.
* Sunken Treasure Chests at the bottom of the sea have become rarer.

* Changed the Kraken's spawn location and improved its difficulty rating.
* Increased the Kraken's skill damage and decreased all non-siege damage received

* The amount of higher level Archeum pieces entering the world from coin purses has been reduced.
* The volume of lower level Archeum pieces has been dramatically increased.
* This was changed to promote crafting Archeum upwards instead of downgrading it and losing 20% on the combine.
* The rates at which Sunlight, Moonlight and Starlight Archeum drop have been changed from 3:3:3 to 4:4:2
* Divided loot coinpurses from mobs into 3 types per tier with different rarity:
- Normal coinpurses (Primary source of coins)
- [Grand] Stolen Bags (Increased chance of Archeum Drops, Archeum Saplings and Regrade Braziers)
- [Rare] Scratched Safes (High volume of Archeum and large gold chance)
* A new tier of coinpurses has been added between Jester's (5 LP) and Librarian's (15 LP) called Prince's Coinpurse (10 LP). Aurorian mobs and level 50+ ocean creatures now drop Prince's pouches instead of Jester's pouches.
* Archeum trees are now a formidable source of Archeum entering the world. Added the “Radiant Archeum Tree Sapling” item, which can be obtained from pouches, bags, and chests in certain areas.
- Like old trees, these new ones require an Auroria Mineral Water Bundle to start growing.
- Players can check fully grown trees to see which type of Archeum has fruited, or cut them down to obtain Archeum Logs.
- Changed the name and tooltip description for the existing “Archeum Tree Sapling”. These items no longer grow into full Archeum Trees.
- These trees take 8 hours to mature and can grow anywhere
- When a tree has matured a player can spend 75 labor to identify what Archeum type it is, or 15 labor to chop it for Archeum logs. Once identified you can only harvest the Archeum or uproot the tree. Picking the identified Archeum costs no labor. (Example yield: 10 sunlight Archeum shards, OR 1 Archeum log)
- Rumbling Archeum Saplings remain unchanged and are not to be confused with the new “Radiant Archeum Tree Sapling”
- Archeum Tree Saplings are not sold on Mirage Isle anymore.
- Pre-existing Archeum Tree Saplings from Mirage Isle have changed to "Dead Archeum Tree Saplings" and are intended to be sold to vendors or destroyed. We also expect that pre-existing planted archeum trees will enter into a Dead state and fail to grow.
* Changed the locations and respawn time for Auroria Mineral Water in Heedmar and Nuimari.
* Mining Auroria Mineral Water yields “Auroria Mineral Water Bundle,” which is required to make Radiant Archeum Tree Saplings grow.
* Mousing over a mined Auroria mineral water vein now shows the cooldown time until it refills.
* Added an Archeum Exchange event where players can exchange Archeum between types. To initiate a conversion visit an Archeum Workbench and review the Quest category. 15 Shards of any type can be converted to a Crystal of any type.
- This feature may be removed in the future once Archeum changes stabilize.

* The chance to improve the grade of Weapons, Armor and Accessories through the regrade system has been adjusted:
- The success rate to improve an item's grade at the Arcane, Heroic and Unique tiers has been improved.
- The downgrade rate on regrade failure has been reduced at the Arcane, Heroic and Unique tiers.
- The item destruction rate at the Celestial tier has been partially reduced and replaced with a triple item downgrade. Items still have a substantial chance to be destroyed during regrade failure at the Celestial tier.
- No changes were made to regrading at Divine or higher tiers.
* Added the “Regrade Brazier” item, which can be obtained from coinpurses, stolen bags or scratched safes of Prince's tier or higher.
- Cold braziers can be placed on a farm require “Smoldering Log Bundles” to heat up.
- When the brazier is hot, players can identify the upgrade pearls, or obtain Flaming Logs via mining.
* Blazing Tree Trunks are harvested from the Burning Forest on Auroria and for 25 labor can be converted to a Smoldering Log Bundle pack.
* Bringing the Smoldering Log bundle to a cold Regrade Brazier will allow users to ignite it.
- 8 hours must elapse for the brazier to finish heating.
- Once grown, spend 15 labor to acquire a Burning Log or spend 75 labor to identify the type of regrade jewel. Once identified, harvesting the regrade jewel costs no labor.
- A completed brazier will yield a various amount of Sunpoint, Starpoint or Moonpoint fragments.
- 10 Fragments can be combined to create a normal Sunpoint, Starpoint or Moonpoint.

* Added the ancient Mistmerrow PvP Battlefield zone located north of Sungold Fields on Auroria. This contested base capture event cycles daily as the zone goes into War.
* Players can accept quests at the Crimson Altar when the battle begins in order to get rewards from the battle.
* Players can destroy an enemy-controlled Blood Spire and use the ruins to gain points for their faction. A base that has been claimed counts as the occupant's faction. Other factions can claim it again.
* After the battle is over, players receive Warrior's Medals based on the battle points. Even if a player did not win points for the base capture battle, they can still kill monsters that spawn during the battle to obtain some Warrior's Medals.
* Added a new instrument that can be crafted with Warrior's Medals at the Proven Warrior Workbench.
* Warrior's Medals are the same ones earned through the Halcyona Conflict.
* Pirates gain access to the Proven Warrior Workbench in Mistmerrow.

* Added a new zone located west of Diamond Shores called Golden Ruins. Primarily a level 52-55 PvE/quest zone, it features the Crimson Watch Base Camp where players can learn how to craft Obsidian Weapons and Armor.
* Golden Ruins is a Contested zone that doesn't award honor for PvP.
* A large-sized player housing area is available around the Crimson Watch post.

* Added a large Marine Housing and Aquafarm area to the south-west coast of Diamond Shores.
* Added the Leviathan tower (currently inactive)
* Added an example Enoan Galleon (the actual ship is currently unavailable to players)

* A new Achievements system is now active!
* When a pre-existing character logs in for the first time after the patch, they may experience some lag as they receive messages and rewards for the achievements they already qualify for. You can help with this buy keeping some slots open in your inventory on launch day. If your bags are filled, the rewards will be sent via in-game mail.
* Achievements are divided into racial main missions and other achievements. (202 Racial main missions; 1154 achievements).
* Achievements can be accessed from the menu bar at the bottom right corner of the screen. (Shortcut: Shift + Y).
* Players can obtain items and titles as well as “Merit Badges” from the Achievements system.
* Merit Badges will be spent at the new Merit Badge store for items like a Glider Skin, Unique Longliner, and the highly anticipated Battle Fae costume. (The Merit Badge store and marketplace are currently disabled on PTS while the layout is finalized.)
* Along with Achievements comes the new related Exploration proficiency, as well as additional rewards.
* Gain 50 Exploration Proficiency as reward to Exploration quests that completes when players arrive at a specified location.
* Up to 500 Exploration Proficiency can rewarded for certain Exploration quests.
* Merit Quests: 3 Merit Quests are offered each day on the dashboard of the Achievement Window. Completion of a Merit Quest will result in 1 Merit Badge as a reward. These quests refresh daily. Merit Badges can also be obtained rarely from a Scratched Safe loot item.

* Patron benefits have been improved.
- Patrons can now use the Repair button on the inventory interface from anywhere in the world.
- Patrons receive a 50% discount on the Auction House fee.
- Patrons get a 20% reduction on crafting and harvesting production time.
- Patrons earn 20% more XP.
- Patrons regen 10 Labor every 5 minutes while both online and offline.
- Patrons can now use an Auction House shortcut located on the Convenience menu next to the Marketplace menu.

* A new tutorial has been added to help introduce players to ArcheAge. Once the tutorial has been played through completely, it can be skipped for new characters on the same account.

* Reduced the amount of XP required to level up for 50+ levels.
- Experience required:
- 50 to 51: 3,672,000
- 51 to 52: 6,609,600
- 52 to 53: 11,897,280
- 53 to 54: 21,415,104
- 54 to 55: 38,547,187
- Experience required:
- 50 to 51: 3,009,600
- 51 to 52: 5,644,800
- 52 to 53: 9,238,656
- 53 to 54: 14,270,054
- 54 to 55: 21,380,809
* Added race-specific cut scenes to the starting zones.
* At character creation, players can now select hairstyles that were previously available only in the Salon.
* Added skillset description and information on difficulty to the skillset selection page at character creation.
* Added "story of your race" to the race selection page at character creation.
* Equip effect for items that increase swim speed + other buff effects can only increase swim speed up to 75%.
* Changed the effect of the Pirate “Great White” title.
- Decreased ship cannon damage boost from +20% to +2% to be more in-line with the inflation of ship health and cannon damage. The swim speed boost remains 20%.
* Added 6 new titles as rewards for completing the racial main missions (Achievements).
* Reduced the amount of XP that can be gained by raising Experia Patches.
* Unsealing NPC dropped unidentified weapons and armor now increases the Larceny proficiency and grants XP for labor spent.

KNOWN ISSUE: Currently can't save sheet music in this build.
KNOWN ISSUE: Sealed Gold and Platinum Proven Warrior Necklaces still give Silver ones.

* Fixed the issue where characters could stay in the safe area after entering the Gladiator Arena.
* Owner's Mark skill has been changed to “Inscribe Owner's Mark”. When the owner of a summoned vehicle disembarks from a device, the Owner's Mark effect is triggered for a certain amount of time.
* Added “Shatigon's Sand” item that can be purchased from general merchants.
- This item can be used on all items that took Shatigon's Sandglass to revive, as well as all ship parts.
- The outdated Sandglass items are no longer functional; they can be sold to merchants at the increased shop price.
- The outdated Sandglass items can no longer be purchased from merchants or looted from mobs.
* Changed the amount of Labor cost to open Unidentified items in certain level zones.
* Changed the base stats for the weapons and armor obtained from Unidentified items.
* Reduced the Max HP of general-rank mobs to 90% of the previous values.
* Added item sorting to storage chests.
* Family Stewards can now leave their families by right-clicking in the family tree.
* Changed looting rules. The player/party/raid who hit the NPC first has the rights to the loot if they deal 30% of their HP or more in damage (30% of the whole HP, not taking the NPC's self HP regen into account). If the player/party/raid logs off or disbands, the player/party/raid that dealt the most damage to the NPC gets the rights the loot.
* With the newly added Ship Customization system, any custom crests previously applied to ships will be reset to default. Affected ships:
- Scroll: Eznan Cutter
- Scroll: Growling Yawl
- Scroll: Harpoon Clipper
- Scroll: Merchant Schooner
- Scroll: Adventurer's Clipper
- Scroll: Lutesong Junk
- Scroll: Fish-Find Longliner
* Added a new currency: Reward Coins. A new Commemorative Reward Workbench on Mirage Island can exchange Reward Coins for previous Marketplace Treasure Chests, Gift Chests and Archeum Supply Crates at a 1 coin per box ratio.
* A number of Reward Coins will be granted to players who purchased the Aquatic Archeum Supply Crate based on the number of Crate purchases (1 crate : 1 coin).
* This is the only method to obtain Reward Coins at this time.
* Reduced the respawn cooldown on ships and vehicles from 10 min to 5 min
* Fixed the issue where using the dynamic action bar gradually slowed down the client.
* Friendly/Hostile vehicles and boats will now correctly display an associated guild name instead of $$.
* The lag associated with fishing boats has been reduced.
* Improved the item icons for destroyed ship parts/ships/vehicles.
When a component is destroyed its icon will become Red and shows how much Shantigon's sand will be required to repair it."
* Holiday Haulers now respawn with Owner's Mark active.

* Two new types of Ranking boards appear on the Ranking UI (Shift+U)!
* Blue Ribbon Farm rankings:
- The Blue Ribbon Farm contest runs for two weeks. At the end of the two week period, the scoring resets.
- Rewards are mailed out at the end of the contest period based on final ranks.
- The best Glorious Experia patch that a player grows and harvests during the contest period will be recorded on this ranking. The score is based on new stats that appear on every fully grown Glorious Experia patch for weight and size. Only your highest harvested score is submitted. View your latest top recorded score on the upper right of the Ranking UI.
- Scores for individual Glorious Experia patches vary widely and are not necessarily tied to the time a type of patch takes to mature. Glorious Pumpkin Patches can out-score a Glorious Pine Patch.
* KNOWN ISSUE: Blue Ribbon Farm rankings may not be populating in real time on PTS for this competition period and we're investigating refreshing these.
* Item Grade rankings:
- Item Grade rankings run for four weeks. At the end of the four week period, the scoring resets. No rewards are given for this ranking.
- Equipment points are affected by the base items, grades, and lunastone or lunagem effects of currently equipped armor, weapons, and accessories.
- Mouse over your own or another character's health bar to see their current Equipment points.
- Equipment points are updated on login; your ranking is based on your current points.

* Improved Siege Tower stats. Increased War Drums effect from +20% to +40%. Added Siege Damage Reduction of 40% to the Open the Gate of the Goddess skill. This debuff does not affect Archeum Lodestones. Increased the effect of Cadence of War from 20% to 40%.
* Rebalanced Siege structures. Tower, wall, gate, and Archeum Lodestone HP are reduced. Increased the damage of Tower Cannons.
* Modified the Claim Area skill. Now has a 2 minute casting time and zone-wide messages are displayed when a character initiates the cast, at 1 minute, and at 30 seconds remaining.

* Dawnsdrop Armor is a new type of gear aimed at crafting and production activities.
- Crafted by Leatherworkers, this gear upgrades similarly to Obsidian Armor using salvaged crafted armor pieces. Each piece of Dawnsdrop gear gives bonuses to different proficiencies and the amount of bonus increases with the quality of armor piece.
* Tier 1: Dawnsdrop: +5000 proficiency
* Tier 2: Dewy Dawnsdrop: +10000 proficiency
* Tier 3: Dazzling Dawnsdrop: +15000 proficiency
* Tier 4: Radiant Dawnsdrop: +20000 proficiency
- Different proficiencies for each slot:
* Cap: Increases Handicrafts, Tailoring, and Artistry
* Jerkin: Increases Weaponry, Logging, and Exploration
* Breeches: Increases Masonry, Carpentry, and Gathering
* Fists: Increases Larceny, Machining, and Mining
* Boots: Increases Metalwork, Fishing, and Commerce
* Guards: Increases Alchemy, Leatherworking, and Farming
* Belt: Increases Cooking, Printing, and Husbandry
- Performing an action that has a duration time, such as mining ore, crafting armor, or harvesting, while wearing a corresponding piece of Dawnsdrop Armor, grants a short-duration buff: Workman's Haste.
- Workman's Haste: Slightly decreases the time needed to complete proficiency actions until the buff expires. 45 second duration, stacks up to 3 times with each additional stack refreshing the duration timer.
* Expanded Proficiency ranks from 7 to 11. Proficiency now caps at 180,000.
* Added 10 Daru bundles that can be purchased with Vocation Badges from Blue Salt merchants or a Farmer's Workstation. These bundles do not yield Vocation Badges when harvested or butchered.
- Daru Skyreach Woodlot - 1200 Vocation Badges, 12 hours to grow. Takes 200 labor to harvest using Logging. Drops a large quantity of logs and has an increased chance to Thunderstruck.
- Daru Savory Fruiting Woodlot - 1800 Vocation Badges, 12 hours to grow. Takes 300 labor to harvest using Gathering. Drops honey, ginkgo leaves, figs, olives, bananas, and pomegranates.
- Daru Fragrant Fruiting Woodlot - 1800 vocation, 12 hours to grow. Takes 300 labor to harvest using Gathering. Drops honey, bay leaves, avocados, grapes, jujubes, apples, cherries, and oranges.
- Daru Medicinal Seed Bundle - 600 vocation, 5h 20m to grow. Takes 100 labor to harvest using Gathering. Drops mushrooms, thistles, aloe, and cultivated ginseng.
- Daru Flower Seed Bundle - 900 vocation, 4h 40m to grow. Takes 150 labor to harvest using Gathering. Drops azalea, clover, narcissus, rose, lily, lotus, cornflower, and cactus.
- Daru Grain Seed Bundle - 1200 vocation, 5h 40m to grow. Takes 200 labor to harvest using Farming. Drops barley, rice, corn, wheat, oats, rye, peanuts, beans, and quinoa.
- Daru Spice Seed Bundle - 1500 vocation, 7h 20m to grow. Takes 250 labor to harvest using Gathering. Drops iris, lavender, mint, rosemary, sunflower, turmeric, poppy, and saffron.
- Daru Produce Seed Bundle - 1200 vocation, 4h 50m to grow. Takes 200 labor to harvest using Farming. Drops potatoes, cucumber, carrot, onion, tomatoes, garlic, strawberries, pumpkins, yam, and chili peppers.
- Daru Organic Bamboo Cage - 3000 vocation, 2h 40m to grow. Takes 500 labor to harvest using Husbandry. Drops chicken meat, duck meat, goose meat, raw chicken (organic chicken), raw duck (organic duck), and raw goose meat (organic goose).
- Daru Rowdy Pen - 1800 vocation, 8h 30m to grow. Takes 300 labor to harvest using Husbandry. Drops pelts, pork, beef, and turkey meat.
* Added the Afternoon Sun potion recipe to the proper workbench. Finally.
* Changed the materials for crafting Small Bamboo Trap to use 1 Chum instead of 1 Lumber.
* Sheet music of all levels can now be played regardless of the player's artistry proficiency. Wrong notes are still played depending on proficiency.
* Added more Blue Salt quests, including Artistry and Cooking.
* Added 4 Blue Salt daily quests for Husbandry, Gathering, Farming, and Mining.
* Adjusted the Blue Salt quests that grant the Scarecrow Farm.
- Quest is now granted by Taisa in Halcyona.
- Character must be level 30 or higher and completed the quest, "A Master of Trade".
- Reduced the specialty crafting and trading quests down to 3 steps.
- Characters who have completed the existing Scarecrow Farm quests cannot take this new version.
* Added a Blue Salt daily quest, "A Shared Dream".
- Only characters that have completed the Scarecrow Farm quests can accept this daily quest.
- Quest involves assisting another player who is on the final step in the trade quests leading to their Scarecrow Farm.
- Grants 3 Gilda Stars for completion, and can be accepted from the Eastern and Western Trade Representative NPCs.

* Accessory crafting has been revamped.
* Accessories now craft up to Conqueror rank as non-sealed Earth items. Beyond Conqueror rank, accessories are sealed, similar to other crafted gear progression.
* Lightning and Meadow types have been added at Epherium rank and above (which also includes Gale, Flame, Wave, Earth, and Life).
* Illustrious and Magnificent tier sealed accessories no longer come in Life flavor. These tiers now yield Gale, Flame, Wave, and Earth.
* Removed Reforging recipes for Conqueror rank and below accessories.
* Changed the number of accessories required for Reforging.
* Accessories below Conqueror rank can be salvaged with Evenstones to get Earth accessories.
* The above changes mean that some accessory types that currently exist in the game can no longer be created. Any existing items of these types remain functional until deliberately destroyed or salvaged.

* Skills now consume different amounts of mana based on the skill's level; the lower the level, the less mana consumed.

* Precision Strike: Adjusted the amount of Critical Hit damage and Melee Critical Rate granted by each rank of Precision Strike.
* Sunder Earth: Removed Inspire effect.
* Bondbreaker: Duration changed from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.
* Attack Speed Training: Now grants the Delirious effect when a Battlerage skill deals critical damage.
* Delirious: Triggered when a Battlerage skill deals critical damage. Stacks up to 5 times, increasing Melee Crit Rate +2% and Melee Crit Damage +5% per stack. Lasts 4.5 seconds and has a chance to inflict Bleeding on the target. If a player under Delirious uses Tiger Strike, the target becomes Distressed.

* Earthen Grip: Decreased Magic Attack boost from 300% to 200%.
* Enervate: Decreased Magic Attack boost from 300% to 200%. Increased cooldown from 18 seconds to 24 seconds.
* Mitigation: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

* Revitalizing Cheer: Increased the additional heal amount from 50% of stacked Mettle to 100% of stacked Mettle.
* Redoubt: Now grants instant Mettle stacks in proportion to the skill rank.
* Imprison: Duration decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
* Invincibility: Duration decreased from 12 seconds to 9 seconds.
* Supplemental Block: Increased block rate from 15% to 18%.
* Shield's Edge: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
* Shield of Steel: Increased Physical Defense bonus from +700 to +900.
* Bear's Vigor: Increased Max HP bonus from +800 to +900.

* Thwart: Increased Inspire effect duration from 15 seconds to 16 seconds.
* Shrug it Off: Increased duration from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.
* Inspiration Cloak: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
* Unassailable: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
* Improved Targeting: Increased Melee Accuracy bonus from 3% to 5%. Increased Melee Crit Rate bonus from 2% to 3%.
* Magic Condenser: Increased Magic Accuracy bonus from 3% to 5%. Increased Magic Crit Rate bonus from 2% to 3%.

* Reprisal: Increased duration from 10 seconds to 12 seconds. Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
* Overpowered Spell Locus: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
* Intensified Harm: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

* Piercing Shot: Removed the additional damage effect from accumulated Bloodthirst.
* Endless Arrows: Removed Bloodthirst accumulation chance.
* Intensity: Removed Bloodthirst accumulation. Adjusted the duration per rank.
* Deadeye: Now grants Feral Mark every 3 seconds.
* Float: Now instantly grants Feral Mark.
* Snipe: Decreased Snipe Immunity from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.
* Feral Mark: Hitting an enemy while Feral Mark is active now inflicts Feral Overpower on the target.
* Feral Overpower: 3 second duration, stacks up to 30 times. At 30 stacks, inflicts Overpower Blast. Targets with Overpower Blast take additional damage and are Tripped for 1.5 seconds. Tripped targets gain an 18 second immunity against being Tripped by Overpower Blast.
* Eagle Eyes: Increased Ranged Accuracy bonus from 3% to 5%. Increased Ranged Critical Hit bonus from 2% to 3%.
* Evasion: Increased bonus from 8% to 10%.
* Sharpshooting: Changed Ranged Critical Damage bonus to 15%. Now also increases Feral Mark duration by 3 seconds.

* God's Whip: Adjusted Magic Attack bonuses as follows:
- First hit: Bonus decreased from 140% to 120%.
- Second hit: Bonus decreased from 170% to 140%.
- Third hit: No change
- Fourth hit: Bonus increased from 230% to 240%.
- Fifth hit: Bonus increased from 260% to 270%.
* Mana Pool Increase: Increased bonus from +15% to +18%.
* Efficient Sorcery: Mana cost reduction increased from -15% to -18%.

* Rapid Strike: Now grants Bloodthirst on every hit.
* Wallop: Added additional damage from accumulated Bloodthirst to the final hit.
* Stalker's Mark: Removed Bloodthirst grant effect.
* Consecutive Evasion: Increased Evasion bonus from 16% to 18%.
* Loophole: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
* Bloodthirst: Changed max stack size to 30.
* Freerunner: Added a rank 2 effect.

* Critical Discord: Now increases Critical Heal Rate.
* Dissonance: Now increases target's casting time.
* Ode to Recovery: Now also grants Healing Power as part of its bonuses.
* Hold the Note: Increased performance duration from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
* Disciplined Performance: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
* Loudspeaker: Increased range from 20 meters to 22 meters.
* Zeal: Increased duration from 6 seconds to 9 seconds. Reduced cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

* Mend: Now casts a 3.5 second protective ward for allies in range.
* Renewal: Effect changed to a constant HP regen.

* Added new recipes for Obsidian Armor.
* Added new recipes for "v2" Obsidian weapons.
* Added 11 new items to Honor Point Collectors, listed below.
* New Tier 2 PvP Cloaks [5000 Honor, 10 day timer, can be recharged]:
- Unyielding Spirit Cloak (+500 toughness, Remove Stun, Trip, Impale)
- Unwavering Focus Cloak (+560 Focus, Remove Fear and Sleep)
- Unchained Freedom Cloak (+480 Resilience, Remove Snare, Slow, Bubble Trap, Telekinesis, Restrain, Silence)
* New PvP Lunafrosts [4000 Honor, can be applied to Chest, Legs, Feet]:
- Honorbold Ethereal Lunafrost (+320 Resilience)
- Honorbold Focus Lunafrost (+375 Focus)
- Honorbold Experienced Lunafrost (+335 Toughness)
* New Tier 4 PvP Lunagems [770 Honor, can be applied to various gear gem slots]:
- Radiant Gale Lunagem: Mastery (+285 Focus to 1h, Right Hand and Left Hand Weapons)
- Radiant Gale Lunagem: Fidelity (+420 Focus to 2h Weapons)
- Radiant Earth Lunagem: Flexibility (+480 Resilience to Chest)
- Radiant Earth Lunagem: Mastery (+353 Toughness to Legs)
* Added an Honorable Chargestone for 3000 Honor that can refresh the timer on limited PvP cloaks and weapons.
* With the addition of tier 4 focus, resilience, and toughness gems, the honor cost of existing tier 1-3 lunagems have been reduced from 50/150/500 to 35/105/350.
* Reduced several item effects that provided bonuses to Shelling damage to match the revamp of ships and cannon damage.
- Forsaken Sailor's Will set is now +3% shelling instead of +30%.
- Forsaken Pirate's Passion set is now +4% shelling instead of +50%.
- Forsaken Pirate Necklace is now +2% shelling instead of +5%.
- Forsaken Pirate Earring is now +1% shelling instead of +3%.
- Forsaken Pirate Ring is now +1% shelling instead of +3%.
* Increased the base attack of Greatswords, Nodachis, Greataxes, and Longspears.
* Added equip effects to crafted Epherium, Delphinad, and Ayanad shields. All of these now increase Physical Defense. (Epherium Basic: +263 / Mythic: +613. Delphinad Basic: + 437 / Mythic: +787. Ayanad Basic: +495 / Mythic: + 845)
* Added four new personal storage chest designs where bound items can be stored.
- The Dimensional Storage Chest Design is available from Mirage Isle for 100 gold.
- These chests all require 1 Dimensional Storage Chest Design, 2 Spacious Storage Chests, 300 Earthmana Leaf, 10 Dawn Lake Light Essence, and 1 Iron Ingot to craft.
- These chests all cannot be placed on gardens or workbenches, only the building's owner can use.
- Brainstorm Storage Chest: Holds 100 slots of crest and dye items.
- Hummingbird Storage Chest: Holds 100 slots of sheet music.
- Splendid Costume Chest: Holds 100 slots of costumes.
- Joyride Vault: Holds 100 slots of mounts, gliders, ships, ship components, cars, siege gear, pets, and pet armor.
* Changed the amounts on some crafted gunpowder and ammo materials.
- Gunpowder: Same material cost, now produces 4 instead of 2.
- Steel Ammo: Now costs 1 iron ingot instead of 2, 2 Gunpowder instead of 4, and adds 6 Blue Salt Gloves.
- Siege Ammo and Venom Grenade recipes have not changed.
* Changed the material icons for high-end glider components.
* Changed the materials for Ember accessories crafted at Wreckage workbenches.
* Added a minimum level of 10 to use Guest Beds.
* Modified the placement footprint of baby pets; about the size of an Oak Tree now.

* A huge number of new furniture items have been added for purchase on Mirage Isle next to the advanced glider display. Many of these are small decor items and some are larger outdoor lighting pieces.
* Added the Improved Scarecrow Farm design. This is a 16x16 farm that has a Farmer's Workstation included as part of the central scarecrow.
- Only the property owner can access the Farmer's Workstation.
- Materials to build: Scarecrow Garden design, 10 Wooden Beam Bundles, 8 Construction Tool Bundles, 5 Finishing Touches Bundles, 3 Construction Brick Bundles. Build this farm at a Carpentry Workbench.
* Due to the addition of the Improved Scarecrow Farm, a new recipe has been added to turn your Farmer's Workstation back into a Scarecrow Garden.
* A new Bungalow and Aquafarm housing area has been added off the coast of Diamond Shores.

* Expanded the Hackney Carriage routes in early zones, along with new carriage stations and conductors. Changed the destination location on the Solzreed-Lilyut route. Also removed some environmental objects that lie on the newly added routes.
* Added sample ships to Mirage Isle, Ezna, Austera, and Diamond Shores.
* Added Ezi's Light Memory Tomes to Ezna, Austera, Growlgate Isle, and Diamond Shores.
* Added worldgates that are open when PvP events begin (Golden Plains, Mistmerrow, Attack of the Abyss) to Marianople, Austera, Diamond Shores, and Stormraw Sound.
* Increased the Peace duration in the following zones to 3 hours: Ynystere, Cinderstone Moor, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Rookeborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla.
* Changed Feuille Sound to a conflicted zone. Cycles through conflict and war similar to other ocean zones.
* Improved the Oblivion Rift quest in Lilyut Hills, and the Clockwork Return quest in Tigerspine Mountains. You now receive an additional gilda star with the rewards, and quest categories are changed to Daily for the repeated quests.
* Added 1 quest to guide players through Ship Customization and upgrades.
* Added 1 daily kill quest for sea monsters.
* Added 2 quests related to "Attack of the Abyss."
* Added 4 daily kill quests in Golden Ruins.
* Added 1 daily kill quest for each of Ghost Ship and Delphinad Ghost Ship. (To complete the quest, players must keep a certain distance from the ghost ships.)
* Changed the quest "The Heart of Flame" to not consume Artisan's Gale Ring in the process of making an Inferno Heart Chest.
* Changed the quest "Restoring the Ring" to not consume Conqueror's Gale Ring in the process of making Delphinad Crystal.
* Changed the sub-titles of all races' main quests.
* Added cutscenes to some quests.
- Marianople: A Hidden Note
- Two Crowns: A Hidden Relic
- Solis Headlands: Strike at the Head
- Arcum Iris: Burden of Proof
- Falcorth Plains: Lend a Paw
- Gweonid Forest: Under Construction
* Changed some Nuian main quest dialogue.
* Modified the slide video for the Nuian main quest Golden Mark.
* Added a cutscene for the Harani main quest Honor Amongst Thieves. The existing slide video for Honor Amongst Thieves is now played when you complete Escape from Serpent's Pass.
* Changed some of the prerequisites and descriptions for daily dungeon quests for beginners and experienced adventurers to complete together. Beginners need to complete the regular mob kill quest to accept the daily, and experienced adventurers must complete the dungeon boss kill quest to accept the daily.
* Changed some of the prerequisites for accepting the Bed Head quest.
* Made difficulty reductions in Howling Abyss, Kroloal Cradle, and Serpentis.
* Increased the Crimson Rift's HP regen, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense.
* Moved the location of the Distorted Dimension Repair Bench in Serpentis so it doesn't overlap with the respawn location.

* Changed the PvP periods in Halcyona. Peace now lasts for 8 hours and 30 minutes.
* Changed the amount of Warrior's Medals obtained from Golden Plains Battle and Halcyona Artifacts.
- Morbid Trophies quests now grant 2.
- A Symbol of Authority quests now grant 2.
- Proof of Service quests now grant 5.
- Halcyona Artifacts now grant 5.
- Battle for the Golden Plains quests now gives 2.

* Changed certain NPCs and dialogue for quests A Friendly Reminder and The Mayor's Advice.
* Improved the location of some NPCs in the Solzreed starting area.

* Changed some details of the quests Unique Coconuts and Ventla the Sorceress.
* Moved some NPCs and objects for the quest Splash Attack.

* Adjusted some NPC levels in this zone.
* Improved the spawn points of some Explorer's Bags.

* Changed the questgiver and some dialogue for the quest Winds of Change.
* Changed the Mysterious Man NPC to Lucius Quinto.

* Added location information to the Improvised Materials/Armor quests in this zone.

* Changed some of the quest prerequisites for The Sovereign Treasure.
* Added location information to the Improvised Materials/Armor quests in this zone.

* Adjusted some NPC levels in this zone.

* Adjusted some NPC levels in this zone.

* Changed the Herbalist Camp return point.

* Reduced the number of kills needed for the quest Monsters in the Archives on the 3rd floor.

* Added a Pirate regrade guide quest to Growlgate. Cannot be completed if your character has already completed one of the Nuia or Haranya regrade quests.
* Added one of each type of Salvage Forge to this zone.
* Wanderer Usef now gives Pirates the Crimson Lightning quest.
* Enhanced the standing-up ability from Wanderer Usef's FAVORITE CHAIR on Growlgate Isle.

* Added Fog of War, which hides detailed maps for the zones your character hasn't traveled to. Zones you have teleport locations to should be visible in the map; zones that haven't been visited must be explored in order to reveal them.
* Added "Route View" to maps to display hackney carriage and airship routes. Dotted lines are Airships, solid lines are Carriages.
* Added new zones to the world map.
* Added the Serpentis entrance icon to the map.
* Fixed a random respawn point icon appearing in the middle of the ocean.

* Interaction objects required for quests now have markers to make them easier to find.
* Added distance-to-target and arrival markers to the quest tracker.
* Updated the splash image for client loading.
* Updated the in-game zoning image.
* Added an NPC Quest Marker display feature that can be toggled in settings to display markers on top of kill quest targets.
* Added a confirmation popup to the Uproot Aging Shelf action.
* Made adjustments to the system alert messages that display on the center of the screen.
* A danger level notification now pops up when entering a new zone. It disappears after a few moments.
* Modified the dye preview UI.
* Added a new display settings menu to the character sheet next to the Costume slot. This mini-menu allows quick toggling of appearance display preferences.

* Fixed the bug where ships, cars, wagons, and steamtanks could not be dismissed at times.
* Removed 1 wild tree from the housing province in Gweonid Forest.
* Fixed the bug where some objects in Dawnsbreak Plantation appeared to be floating.
* Fixed the bug where characters got stuck when entering certain buildings through the roof.
* Fixed the bug that displayed stackable items that were added to the shortcut bar as black squares.
* Fixed the whirlwind in Falcorth Plains getting stuck after colliding with a vehicle.
* Fixed the wrong description to siege guild leader skill "Advance Signal".
* Fixed the issue where the Safari Jerkin displayed a black stripe pattern when a female Harani or Firran character is wearing it.
* Fixed the issue where interacting with the Air-Filled Sea Cherry prevented the Underwater Breathing Device from charging.
* The black part in "Silverwolf Plate" has been fixed so it appears darker.
* Fixed the awkward appearance of male characters who use Stealth while wearing "Dark Tear Shadowplay Disciple."
* Fixed the missing activation requirement in "Stormbringer's Hoop" item tooltip.
* Fixed the bug where "Stormbringer's Hoop" did not affect summons.
* Fixed the bug where Librarian Mage's Chain Lightning Bolt did not damage summons.
* Fixed the bug where some objects in Traveler's Spring (Solis Headlands) appeared white.
* Fixed the bug where some objects in Villanelle housing province appeared white.
* Fixed the bug where green appeared under all male characters' hair.
* Fixed the issue where selling Electric Eel Fry Pack to a Fish Stand temporarily rendered the fish stand invisible.
* Fixed the Mirage Isle aquafarms icon not appearing on the map.
* Fixed the issue where players couldn't accept The Evenbards quest from some Archeologist NPCs in certain large cities.
* Removed certain unnecessary background objects from Marianople and Ezna.
* Removed certain unnecessary background objects from Cinderstone Moor.
* Fixed the bug where some structures in Rookeborne Basin appeared white.
* Fixed the issue where certain Flowerbeds could not be watered.
* Fixed the bug where using the Enervate skill while in Bloodlust mode does not grant the Notorious Felon debuff.
* Fixed the issue where entering certain housing provinces in Perinoor Ruins did not change the respawn point.
* Fixed the bug where using Ode to Recovery on a Charmed target while wearing the Flawless Dream Ring stoped the song halfway.
* Fixed the bug where certain quest acceptance markers for repeatable Ayanad Task Board quests may not display properly.
* Improved the respawn time for Scarlet Glowbloom required to complete the White Arden quest, "The Cursed Tome."
* Fixed the bug where Gravesite markers were not displayed on the map and minimap.
* Fixed the Arcadian Sea map displaying differently depending on the character's location.
* Fixed the bug where players could not catch any fish when fishing for freshwater fish in certain White Arden areas.
* Fixed the bug where targeting something made it impossible to use a Lunastone or Crest Bleach.
* Fixed the bug where there was no mailbox in Evening Botanica in Ayanad Library.
* Fixed the bug where equipments from The Returning event could not be sold to merchants.
* Fixed the bug where interacting with certain objects required for quests displayed garbled system messages.
* Fixed the bug where the Shadowplay skill "Throw Dagger" affected mobs of grades Epic and above as well as targets with Invincibility.
* Fixed the bug where the Wailing Dead(summoned by the Fiend's Knell skill)'s ability, Flames of the Dead, affected mobs of grades Epic and above as well as targets with Invincibility.
* Fixed the bug where the Vitalism skill "Whirlwind's Blessing" affected mobs of grades Epic and above as well as targets with Invincibility.
* Fixed the issue where the Obsidian Shield (Mystic Ward) did not display the comparison tooltip.

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