Saturday, April 25, 2015

4/24 Dread Prophecies Naval Combat Livestream Notes

This week's livestream is hosted by:
Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai,
Associate Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry,
and Local Version Editor Kendall.


  • Khrolan and Amary are heading to Korea to talk with XL about future updates of the game
  • Loyalty token event
    • First intercontinental tradepack only
      • You get an item in the mail redeemable for 20 loyalty tokens
      • At the end of the event
    • Only way to get more is to be top trade packs per server
      • Top 5 per server
    • If you had packs sitting around they still count
      • They did not have to be made after the start date
    • Stolen packs count for the person turning them in
  • The point of the events has been to prepare players for Dread Prophecies
    • Stabilizers are big in creating ship components
    • Turning in the packs will bring in lots of stabilizers to the economy
  • Tradepacks have been getting turned in like crazy
  • People have started selling trade packs
    • Was an unexpected side effect
  • Double honor event
    • Starts when Dread Prophecies goes live
    • No double honor from quests that reward it or killing NPCs
    • Will get double honor from open world PvP kills
    • And arena honor is doubled
    • This will happen right when the honor is earned
      • Not given at a later date like the other rewards.

Will the offline labor regen be coming in 1.7A?

Yes, all the new patron benefits come on Tuesday when the patch goes live, you don't need to do anything they will just automatically be applied.

Dread Prophecies
1.7A schedule
  • April 28th
    • This Tuesday
  • Currently estimated 7 hour downtime
  • Europe first
    • Want EU up my 3 PM GMT
  • Then start NA
    • Want to open 3 PM PST, 6 PM PST
  • Since land rush again, will not be opening early
  • Lots of data base work with this update
    • Which is adding to the time
  • Ships take damage now when colliding
    • You take different damage depending on if you ram to the front, side, back
  • If you are in a peace zone you do NOT take ramming damage
    • Even if you hit the ground
    • You will still see the animation but won't take any damage
    • Permanent peace zones or PvP zones current at peace.
  • Sails, cannons, hull, etc have separate hp
  • Different cannon damage types have different colored projectiles
    • So you can tell what kind of damage is being fired at you
  • How do you get designs for ships?
    • They drop in shipwright bags
      • From sea creatures level 50 or higher
        • Rare drop
    • In the ship wrecks at the bottom of the ocean
      • Not player ship wrecks
      • More common
      • Chance for 1 or 2 chests
        • Each chest has a design
  • "Game Day" event
    • Meaning a day in game
      • Not a real life day
    • Bunch of mini krakens spawn
      • Called Luskets
      • Approximately 10-15 of them.
      • Each has 2-3 shipwright bags
      • Spawns south of Freedich
    • Chance with smaller ghost ships
    • Guaranteed with larger ghost ships
      • Larger delphinad ghost ship also has 3000 gold on it
      • Very difficult to kill

Do the ship components require Archeum to craft?

I don't think so. They are very stabilizer heavy and starshard heavy, so mine those now. Starshards are used in tons of ship upgrades.

Crafting / Housing / Vehicles (besides ships)

What happens to old Archeum trees?

From PTS it looks like if you previously had Gilda Archeum Trees they turn into dying Archeum saplings. Amary had said they automatically convert but that is incorrect. They become "NPC sale items" at that point. All Archeum trees have moved on to Radiant Archeum trees which do require Auroria mineral water to grow.

Will mineral water only be available in Nuimari and Heedmar?

Yes. The spawn locations have changed and are now static. When someone mines the water from the spot you can see the cooldown timer for when the water will be back.

How long is the respawn timer?

Approximately a couple of hours, can't remember the exact time, but more than an hour.

What is the cost of the super bungalow and will it have a fish stand?

We don't know that right now. It's called a tidal bungalow and there are still discussions going on about this.

Freedich title for aquafarms?
No, and aquafarms are not being removed, just land on Freedich island.

  • 1.7B
    • Timber Coupe
    • Longboard (skateboard)
    • Leviathan

Bigger family size?

It's a lower level issue but it is something we'd like to see.

Any update to server transfers?

We will be talking with XL when we visit on what technology we need to make this happen.

What are you going to do for non PvP players?

XL seems to put the focus on their patches kind of alternating PvP and PvE. We had library last, now 1.7 is focused on naval combat (PvP). We haven't looked much into the 1.8 notes, but if XL continues with their pattern it should be PvE focused.

Can pirates attack during peace?

No, they cannot. There are rumors that this is how it is in the Korean version but we've heard nothing on it.

If you want to see some video of naval combat and watch the livestream you can check it out here . It's 36 minutes long.

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