Update notes for the Dread Prophecies May Content Update 5/26/2015 - NOTE: This content update occurs in preparation for the future Devouring Depths (1.7b) Update schedule for late June.

Added the Timber Coupe. Recipes can be found under Machining > Vehicles.
- The Timber Coupe Design can be purchased from Mirage Isle for 1,200 Gilda Stars.
- Added the recipe for "Crafted Vehicle Frame: Timber Coupe" to the Handicraft Kiln and Regal Handicraft Desk.
- Added a crafting method to upgrade the Apex Squall and Comet Speedster to the Timber Coupe under Machining > Vehicles.

Added the Longboard and Cogwheel Longboard. Recipes can be located under the Artistry profession.
- Added the recipe for the Cogwheel Motor.
- Added Longboard Achievements.

== EVENTS ==
The Rum Runner Rapids Event comes to Rookborne Basin until 6/16/2015! To get started, visit the event NPCs located in Rookborne Basin just south of Loka's Steps.
- Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah have been forced into peace for the duration of the event.
- Up to 3 River Festival Coins can be earned per day by completing event quests.
- Rewards can be purchased with River Festival Coins from the Festival Gift Exchanger.
- Players can craft two types of Barrels to participate in the event at the Barrel Workbench:
- Scroll: Strawberry Barrel (temporary, lasts 30 minutes)
- Scroll: Watermelon Barrel (permanent, can be used at water locations)

The Archeum Exchange Event has ended and Archeum Conversion recipes are no longer available at an Archeum Workbench.

Translations have been updated to the latest verison.
Applied new voiceover files.
Fixed the issue in certain Ship Component tooltips that listed the wrong ships to be attached to.
Corrected the damage bonus listed on the Concussive Arrow skill tooltip to read Ranged Attack +525% instead of Magic Attack +525%.

Coming this afternoon (PDT) to the Marketplace and Award tabs:

Treetop Archeum Supply Crate – Has a rare chance to contain the rare and reclusive Glider Companion: Squirrel. Available for 490 Credits.
- Important: Glider Companion: Squirrel is untradeable.
Glider Companion: Squirrel – A reclusive and adorable Squirrel Glider to accompany you on your journey through Erenor. Available for 350 Loyalty Tokens.
- Important: Glider Companion: Squirrel is untradeable.

Cogwheel Motor – Used to upgrade a Longboard to a Cogwheel Longboard. This item can also be crafted. Available for 2,000 Credits.

Majestic Tree – Place this item to create a large tree which can be logged 10 times for a large amount of logs. This item is also available from the vocation badge vendors. Available for 300 Credits.

Items leaving the Marketplace with this update:
Lord Cottontail’s Archeum Supply Crate
Lady Fluffsworth
Lady Fluffsworth Rabbit Package
Silver Tick-Tock Top Hat
White Blazer Rabbit Saddle
Silver Tick-Tock Legguards