Greetings Adventurers!

This weekend, many of you on Aranzeb were affected by significant server downtime, leaving you unable to play the game and enjoy the Double Experience weekend event. While we here at Trion and the team at XLGAMES worked diligently on both Saturday and Sunday to rectify this issue and get your server back online, we know that you guys didn’t get the chance to really enjoy the weekend as much as you wanted to due to multiple 10 hour+ periods of downtime.

In order to compensate you for this weekend’s events, we will be running the Bounty of Knowledge weekend event again for all servers between between July 24 and July 27. Additionally, Aranzeb players will receive the following compensation for their downtime:
  • For all players with Patron Status on Aranzeb at the time of the outage (July 17 – July 19), your status will be extended by 2 days.
  • Two bound, no cooldown 1000 labor potions and 5 reward coins delivered to all Aranzeb players active within the last 30 days, regardless of patron status, through the in-game mail system to your highest level character on Aranzeb. Please note that you will only receive 1 of these deliveries per account, and they will be waiting for you on your highest level character.

These compensation items will be delivered as denoted starting on Wednesday, July 22nd. Please allow 48 hours for the items to be delivered. If the items are not delivered to your account after 48 hours, please contact our customer service team at for assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience these downtimes may have caused, and we hope you enjoy a second weekend of double experience!

The ArcheAge Team