Monday, May 4, 2015

5/1 Livestream Recap

This week's livestream is hosted by:
Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai,
Associate Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry,
and Community Manager Evan "Scapes" Berman


  • Crystallized Regrets
    • Earned from Serpentis Dungeon
    • Use them to evolve into other abyssal shards / abyssal crystals
    • Use those to upgrade Serpentis weapons
    • People saved them to use on Obsidian armor
    • Ended up that the older version of the Crystallized Regrets became "somewhat unusable"
    • This did not meet player expectations
    • Trion took player feedback and had a discussion with XL about it
      • XL agreed this was not an "optimal experience"
    • Trying to keep the new drops as they are while fixing the old version
      • Current drops from Serpentis are going to stay the way they are
      • They've noted feedback that drops are low and are watching
      • Old drops are going to change in 1.7B (they know, it's a ways off)
    • If you deleted them or vendored them because they became unusable
      • Trion is going to look to get them back to you when 1.7B ships
  • Achievement System
    • A lot of achievements didn't retroactively auto complete
      • Some simple, basic ones
      • And some that generally only happen once
    • This is Trion's top priority right now
    • They are looking into ways to get more of the ones players have completed to them
    • Achievements is a complex system so they missed some
    • Exploration has some similar problems they are looking into
    • Feedback helps with this so they know where to look for fixes
  • Patch Notes
    • Lots of ninja patch notes in 1.7A
      • Missing notes
    • XL Games creates the game and gives Trion the patch notes
    • Patch notes are in Korean
    • If translated wrong or read wrong then a mistake can be made
    • Lots of places small mistakes can happen
    • NA/EU is 9 months behind KR
      • Sometimes changes are made and missed by XL
    • Lots of additional patch notes were added during PTS testing
      • Thanks to feedback
  • Halycona
    • Changes mostly because there are lots of new events.
      • Mistmerrow
      • Freedich gold trader
      • etc
    • They wanted people to focus on other events
    • Trion has an open issue with XL to see if conflict is supposed to last so long
      • Pretty sure peace is supposed to be that long
  • Mistmerrow
    • The battles are infrequent
    • Timing is not that good for multiple timezones
    • Start a discussion of the forums if you want to give more feedback
      • About making them happen more frequently
      • Khrolan's suggestion
  • Language
    • Another unexpected change
    • Trion is looking to get it changed back
    • From letters back to symbols
  • Spreading Flames Event
    • May 7 - May 10 will be the last days
    • Could bring the event back later this year
    • Trion is hoping so
  • Dread Prophecies screenshot contest
    • Results should be posted this week