Thursday, January 29, 2015

Marketplace Update: Maid and Butler Costumes Plus More

Marketplace Update: Maid and Butler Costumes and More

Marketplace Update: Maid and Butler Costumes and More
The Marketplace has been updated!
New Marketplace Items
• Service Staff’s Gift Box: has a chance to contain a rare Classic Service Uniform (Black) or Spotless Service Uniform (White) costume.
o Important : The Service Staff’s Gift Box and both costumes are Bind on Pickup.
o Important : The Glider Smokescreens that can be received from these lockboxes are currently bugged and do not work with the glider skill. These will be fixed in an update coming soon.
• Prim Service Uniform (Pink/Red) is available for 1950 Credits.
o Important : When worn by females this costume is pink. When worn by males this costume is red.
• Golden Teardrop Storage Chest: This new storage chest contains 100-slots to maximize hoarding efficiency! Available for 1862 Credits.
o Important : Also craftable in-game via Handicraft. Get full details in the latest patch notes .
• Land Expansion Certification: This certificate is required to craft the Gazebo Farm Design. Available for 650 Credits.
o Important : Also craftable in-game. Get full details in the latest patch notes .
New Loyalty Store Items
• Naval Service Uniform (Blue) for 300 Loyalty Tokens.
Removed Marketplace Items
• Friendly Flyer Treasure Box
o Important : The Sloth Glider will remain available for Loyalty Tokens.

Official ArcheAge Livestream

ArcheAge Livestream: January 23 at 4:30 PM PST

ArcheAge Livestream: January 23 at 4:30 PST
Join Lead Producer Victoria “FireCait” Voss, Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai, Associate Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry, and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our first ArcheAge livestream of the new year. We’ll be discussing the team’s new producer, the latest game update, and what’s coming to ArcheAge in the Secrets of Ayanad game update. We’ll also showcase the latest Marketplace additions being introduced to ArcheAge tomorrow.
ArcheAge Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, January 23 at 4:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes
Towards the end, we’ll field questions from the livestream chat. Remember to stick around until the end when three lucky, random livestream viewers will each receive a Archeum Starter Pack. See you on Twitch!

Producer's Letter: New Year, New Updates!

Producer’s Letter: New Year, New Updates!

Producer's Letter: New Year, New Updates!
Greetings ArcheAge Players,
My name is Merv Lee Kwai, also known as “Khrolan”, and I’ve recently had the honor of joining the ArcheAge team as a Producer. I became involved with ArcheAge during early Alpha stages and continue to play passionately today. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I know the future is going to be bright with us working together.
Over the past few months in ArcheAge we’ve been fortunate enough to witness your stories unfold. Powerful player alliances have formed and fallen. Newcomers and veterans alike have made their marks on Erenor – hopefully not too many of those marks were made at the bottom of the Arcadian Sea in the form of a shipwreck. We’re proud of how far you’ve come and have exciting news to share about what’s in store for 2015.
One of our top goals for the New Year is to be more transparent when we communicate with you. It is our intention to fix a lack of information or detail, starting now. It’s important for us to reach out and provide the information you need to understand what’s in store for our future and how we’re going to get there. You’ll begin to hear a lot more from us on our forums, social channels and live streams. We will discuss game play issues and provide insight on where we are with future content updates at a much more detailed level then we have in the past. So let’s get started.
Along the Shore
Since Auroria’s launch, we’ve seen players combine efforts on a large scale to claim, build and maintain castles. We’ve seen successful sieges and successful siege defenses. War is a difficult undertaking and that’s largely due to the costs to wage battle and the comforts defenders receive. We will spend some time tuning siege mechanics to create a greater sense of risk and a more balanced interaction between competing guilds.
Serpentis and The Sea of Drowned Love have received a frequent amount of traffic since their release as players compete for their spoils. In order to encourage continued exploration of these dungeons, we have temporarily reduced their barrier to entry by providing easier access, entrance tokens and new quests that grant rewards like Lunadrops, Lunafrosts and temporary duration jewelry upon completion.
We’ve also felt your pain when it comes to deep fluctuation within the game’s economy. Market values of popular items rise and fall based on traditional supply and demand but there are items that have fallen outside of our desired values. Examples of this include the recent spike to regrade components and archeum crystals which ultimately led to some areas of crafting being cost prohibitive. To combat this issue, we will begin to slowly introduce alternative drop methods to the game–reminiscent of the way rumbling archeum saplings influenced the price of thunderstruck trees, but on a much more controlled level. The first way you’ll see this occur is through a login event where you will receive free “Divine Gifts” under similar delivery methods as the Winter Maiden’s stockings. These gifts will include various rewards including regrade materials up to Lucky Points.
A decision was reached to make available some of the most popular cosmetic and companion items through the loyalty system in addition to supply crates. This was seen most recently with the addition of the Sloth Glider. Other coveted items will follow this trend and that’s mostly due to player feedback!
On the Horizon
A main focus for the future of the product is improving the daily quality of life for ArcheAge players. We are shifting priorities to deliver game mechanics that some of the veteran players will recognize like the PvP Arena and Fishing Tournaments. We have a challenge here to ensure that the rewards for these systems are congruent with the way the game has evolved, but that obstacle should be solved in the near term and we will deliver these events as soon as they’re finalized.
Another goal is to review mount and glider normalization to ensure that top tier rewards retain their value. It’s important to us that a reward reflects the level of effort taken to obtain it and we realize that’s not always the case with this category. Normalization has become a bad word of sorts but we believe that’s something we can change through intelligent decisions.
Our future updates will also include an increase to the overall integrity and fairness of the game. Some of these are fundamental changes like adding a global trade channel to remove some of the spam from faction chat, the ability to ignore or refuse mail from blocked senders and even placing a limitation on the number of unbuilt structures a player can maintain simultaneously. You may have also noticed recent efforts to purge players who employ third party programs to gain an advantage while playing Archeage. This is an on-going focus and is necessary to ensure everyone is on an equal playing field.
Over the next couple of weeks you will see the initial stages of the Diamond Shores introduction. For those of you who don’t know, Diamond Shores is a new region that’s located in southwestern Auroria. It’s populated with creatures and quests that are designed to support the level cap increase to 55. It includes a new residential area and is the foundation for the best dungeon experience to date, the Ayanad Library. We’re also excited to see how the introduction of Obsidian Weapons and additional skill points influence the classes you choose to play. Lastly, it’s our Intent to ensure that Diamond Shores goes live as a contested Aurorian region which means open world PvP will be a component of game play in this zone.
As you can see, we have a multitude of positive changes on the horizon and we extend a hearty thank you to those of you who have provided constructive feedback about the direction in which we should be sailing. Please be sure to stay abreast of new content as it filters through our Public Test Server. We look forward to joining you on the sea in 2015 and watching as the waves you make resonate across Erenor. May your glasses never be empty and the wind always behind your sails… except when turning, that wouldn’t be helpful at all.
Safe Travels,
Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai
Producer – ArcheAge

ArcheAge Patch Notes: Version 1.2 Build 4.18

ArcheAge Updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.18

ArcheAge Updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.18
ArcheAge is updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.18 ! The patch notes can be found below.
A series of events will be running on all servers through the end of February, aimed at increasing equipment and skill levels on the path toward the level 55 update. Here’s the rundown:
PARTY TIME – Sea of Drowned Love and Serpentis
* New portals directly to Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love (10-player version) now appear in Caernord, Marianople, and Growlgate Isle.
* New quests at the portals provide 3 entry tokens to each dungeon every day.
* Additional quests at the portals reward completion of various dungeon objectives with Lunadrops, Lunafrosts, and packages of 10-day duration temporary jewelry items in your choice of stat.
* New quests are available from the Temple Priestesses at Glorious Nui statues, offering rewards for achieving level 50 in multiple skill trees.
* For each skill tree that reaches level 50, you will receive a Library Expedition Legacy item. Collect enough of these items and turn them in for the following stacking rewards:
- 5 Library Expedition Legacies: 80 Dragon Bone Chips
- 7 Library Expedition Legacies: 1 of 3 Fire Ember Necklaces – Strength, Agility, or Intelligence.
- 10 Library Expedition Legacies: 100 Dragon Bone Chips
* Library Expedition Legacies are granted retroactively by Temple Priestesses; if you already have multiple or all trees at level 50, you will be granted quest completion for each of the skill quests you have leveled when speaking with the Temple Priestess.
* Library Expedition Legacies are only removed from your inventory at the point you turn in the 10 Legacy quest. Completing the 5 and 7 quests will leave these items in your inventory for the next stage up.
* Dragon Bone Chips are items used in crafting Red Dragon accessories at the Dragonslayer’s Workbench in Wyrmkin Camp, Karkasse Ridgelands.
* Every 30 minutes, an icon in the bottom left corner will light up to offer you a Divine Gift package. You can collect a maximum of 10 Divine Gifts per day.
* Divine Gifts can be opened to receive Sun/Moon/Starpoints, Lucky Sun/Moon/Star Points, bound food, potions, Lunarites, Hereafter Stones, fireworks, or Any-Post Owls.
* Divine Gifts are untradeable.
* Added recipes to Handicrafts for the Spacious Storage Chest (50 slot), Illustrious Storage Chest (80 slot), and the new Golden Teardrop Storage Chest (100 slot). The recipes are available on Regal Handicraft Desks. These are the same items as can be purchased through the Marketplace, and are interchangeable in the crafting recipes. The Golden Teardrop Storage Chest will also be available in an upcoming Marketplace update.
* The Illustrious Storage Chest recipe now only appears on the Regal Handicraft Desk.
* Added a recipe for players to craft the Land Expansion Certificate item, which will also be available via Marketplace. These items can be crafted at any house or farm in the same way Bound Tax Certificates can be made. The recipe takes (1) Land Expansion Permit, available from General Merchants for 300 gold, and 100 Bound Tax Certificates – purchased, non-bound tax Certificates do not work in this recipe. The Land Expansion Certificate item will also be available in an upcoming Marketplace update.
* The drop rate of the Fuschiafin dolphin mount from Dahuta in the Sea of Drowned Love has been increased.
* Sport Fishing: Fixed a bug where your target would not auto-change to your fish if you had selected another target prior to hooking it.
* The “Burrow” activated skill, gained by cooking Trimmed Meat over a campfire, can no longer be used inside dungeon instances.
* The Goblin Glider tooltip showed flight stats in line with other gliders, however the actual glide speed was slower than it should have been. This has been fixed and the Goblin Glider now flies at the same speed of other equally-statted gliders.
* Adjusted animation of Feathered Dragon Glider to make it smoother.
* Fixed a case where the speed of a destroyed rowboat could be incorrectly displayed.
* The Pet Healing Potion available on the Marketplace can no longer be consumed on dead pets without having an effect. It’s now blocked with an appropriate error message.
* The Report Spam cooldown has been reduced to 1 second.
* The next iteration of ArcheAge’s learning spam filter is now in place. Please help train it by reporting spammers using the Report Spam tool.
* Fixed a text error where the error for being unable to use skills near a Nui stone was displayed incorrectly.
* Swapped the Korean string on the Dim Daybreak item for an English/French/German one.
This update will be available for download via Glyph during the announced EU and NA server outages. Please visit our Server Status forum for details.
Looking to try out the new content early? The Public Test Server has been updated with this latest patch and is .

Friday, January 16, 2015

Marketplace Update, PTS Update, & Screenshot Contest

Marketplace Update: Mirage Bjorne and PTS Update


The Mirage Bjorne roars into ArcheAge and is available as a rare drop from the new Ursamancer’s Archeum Supply Crate available on the Marketplace.
In addition, the upcoming game update is now live on the Public Test Server (PTS). To access the PTS, select “Public Test” from the same drop down menu where you select your ArcheAge region inside Glyph. More detailed instructions can be found here . The latest PTS patch notes can be found here .

ArcheAge Sloth Glider Screenshot Contest

ArcheAge Sloth Glider Screenshot Contest
The introduction of the sloth glider is the subject of our next ArcheAge screenshot contest! Ten talented winners will each receive a sloth glider of their very own.
ArcheAge Sloth Glider Screenshot Contest
Capture a screenshot from ArcheAge involving the sloth glider from our Public Test Server .
• Take a single ArcheAge screenshot from the Public Test Server (PTS) that incorporates the sloth glider. To access the PTS, follow the instructions in this article . To claim a sloth glider on PTS, enter the phrase “send me a sloth fluffy” into chat.
• To take a screenshot in ArcheAge, press F9. To remove the UI (before taking the screenshot), press F12. To activate Screenshot Mode, press CTRL+F12 (which will bring up the image shown below). Screenshots captured this way will appear in the following directory by default: C:…DocumentsArcheAgeScreenShots
• The screenshot must be personally taken by you using the in-game screen capture tool and must be submitted in a digital format (ideally JPG).
• No image manipulation is permitted. We’re looking for raw screenshots with the UI turned off (see this image for shortcuts).
• Your entry should be “safe for work” and will be disqualified or deleted if it is indecent in nature. As a rule of thumb: if you have to ask, it’s probably not permitted.
• Your entry cannot use content that is copyrighted or trademarked, including custom logos.
• One entry per person, regardless of category. Submitting more than one entry may disqualify you.
Post your entry as an attachment or linked image on the official ArcheAge forums as a reply to this thread .
Click here for the official ArcheAge Sloth Glider Screenshot Contest rules.
• Contest entries will be judged for their artistic quality and composition by Trion Worlds’ Producer Victoria “FireCait” Voss, Associate Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry, and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman. The judges will choose ten winning contest entries.
• The ten winners will each receive a sloth glider on a character of their choosing on their account.
• This contest starts Thursday, January 15 and ends Sunday, January 25 at 11:59 PM PDT (GMT-8), at which point we will no longer accept contest entries.
• The contest results will be published about a week after the end of the contest.
Good luck and have fun!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

ArcheAge Marketplace Update: Sloth Glider and Rumbling Archeum Tree Saplings

Marketplace Update: Sloth Glider and Rumbling Archeum Tree Saplings
Marketplace Update: Sloth Glider and Rumbling Archeum Tree Saplings
Happy new year! The Marketplace and Loyalty Store have been updated. The Sloth Glider glides into ArcheAge and is available as a rare drop from the new Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest on the Marketplace or from the Loyalty Store for 350 Loyalty Tokens. Fly in style with this cute and cuddly companion!

In addition, Rumbling Archeum Tree Saplings are now available in the Loyalty Store for 35 Loyalty Tokens. These special trees will yield Archeum Crystals when harvested and have a higher chance to become thunderstruck. Log in to scoop them up today!
New Marketplace Items
• Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest: Has a chance to contain a rare Sloth Glider (Glider Companion: Sloth). This glider has been adjusted to match the stats of other gliders available through the Marketplace or Founder’s Packs.
o This chest has a chance to drop one of four types of high-tier Feast Table, which is a buff food for a group of up to 10 people. As a greater portion of the playerbase is reaching higher levels, we’d like to expose more players who might not be familiar with endgame content or high level buff items to the existence of these types of buffs and their usefulness, increasing the market for these items overall. Additionally, as we move toward the increase to level 55, both XLGames and Trion are working on ways to encourage players not at the leading edge of gear progression toward improving their gear in preparation for more difficult content. Part of this involves some upcoming in-game promotions around the Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love 10-player instances, for which most players should find these group buff items useful. This lockbox, and therefore the Feast items coming from it, will not be a permanent addition to the store and this source of Feast items will fall off with the next Marketplace update.
o Important : The Friendly Flyer Chest and Sloth Glider are both Bind on Pickup.
o Important : The Glider Smokescreens that can be received from these lockboxes are currently bugged and do not work with the Glider skill.
• Pet Dual Recovery Potion: This potion can be used to heal the wounds your pet or mount has suffered from being slain in battle.
New Loyalty Store Items
• Sloth Glider (Glider Companion: Sloth): The Sloth Glider from the new Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest is also available for 350 Loyalty Tokens.
• Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling: Available for 35 Loyalty Tokens, this sapling yields Archeum Crystals when harvested and has a much higher chance to become Thunderstruck compared to other saplings.
Removed Marketplace Items
• Winter Maiden’s Gift
• Icekissed Winter Festival Costume
• Yuletide Hauler Fusion Certificate
• Twinkling Décor Bundle
• Twinkling Décor Bundle
• All Candy Themed Weapons
Removed Loyalty Store Items
• Rudolph Hauler Fusion Certificate