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Timber Coupe and Longboards Roll into ArcheAge

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Timber Coupe and Longboards Roll into ArcheAge

Timber Coupe and Longboards Roll into ArcheAge
Say hello to the all-new ArcheAge Timber Coupe. Engine-ered like no other, this 4-wheel drive roadster was designed with peerless performance in mind.
While Erenor’s cars are no stranger to special tricks and maneuvers, this ultimate driving machine comes equipped with a powerful up-hill speed boost, a potent hand-crafted engine capable of launching it into the air, and a barrel roll to navigate the most treacherous terrain.
  • Timber Coupe: 4-wheel drive, 60 horsepower, anti-lock brakes.
  • Passive Ability: Equipped to climb small hills and traverse slightly uneven terrain.
Abilities (Require 1 Eco-Friendly Fuel to use):
  • Supercharging: Launches the coupe forward with a boost of speed for a short duration (20-second cooldown).
  • Vehicle Jump: Blasts the coupe into the air. The angle changes based on driving conditions and terrain (5-second cooldown).
  • Rotating Jump: Allows the coupe to perform a barrel roll (5-second cooldown).
Tired of your Comet Speedster or Apex Squall? Trade in your old vehicle at a Handicraft workbench along with 500 Gilda Stars and a Timber Coupe Chassis to upgrade your wheels.
Just for Flips: Kick-Powered Longboards
The Daru have created two Longboards to provide speedy, lightweight transportation for the most adventurous thrill seekers in ArcheAge. Both versions of the Longboard are crafted using the Artistry proficiency.
The basic Longboard is kick-powered and performs best while going downhill and over sweet jumps. Its abilities include:
  • Push Off: Kick-push your longboard forward (3-second cooldown).
  • Jump: Ollie (3-second cooldown).
  • Swerve Left (3-second cooldown).
  • Swerve Right (3-second cooldown).
The Cogwheel Longboard is self-powered and features a small onboard motor (!no kicking required!). It is much faster and boasts a higher level of maneuverability along with the following include:
  • Jump: Ollie (2-second cooldown).
  • Aerial Spin: 360-degree flying barrel roll (2-second cooldown).
  • Backside Spin: 360-degree tail spin (2-second cooldown).
  • Swerve Left (3-second cooldown).
  • Swerve Right (3-second cooldown).
Note: You can add flare to both boards with a user-generated Crest Stamp. Gear up and leave your friends (and opponents) in the dust!

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