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Devouring Depths: The Leviathan Rises

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Devouring Depths: The Leviathan Rises

Devouring Depths: The Leviathan Rises
In ports all over Erenor, people speak of it in whispers. A creature so massive that it swallows ships whole. A monster that crushes great fleets to kindling and leaves naught but nightmares in its wake. The dreaded Leviathan—once thought to be legend—has finally returned to the Arcadian Sea.
The Beast Awakens
The Devouring Depths game update is set to bring the Leviathan world boss to surface in ArcheAge. This massive creature can be found roaming the Arcadian Sea region, wreaking havoc upon any ships that happen to cross its path. But before you hop in your cutter and set sail for glory, be prepared: this is no simple fishing trip.
Hunting the Leviathan is a dangerous endeavor, requiring both proper planning and a specialized navy. Only a large guild or a well-coordinated alliance stands a chance of defeating the beast. Certain crews must be custom-fit with special cannons to slow down the creature, while others must be prepared to defend their allies’ ships when the Leviathan stops to summon its swarms of minions. The hunt itself will involve a grueling chase all over the Arcadian Sea, as the monster alternates between fleeing for safer waters and turning back to smash at its pursuers.
A Floating Fortress
Over the eons, the Leviathan has swallowed countless ships. But none are more famous than the enormous Enoan Galleon. And while replicas of this great vessel have been on display in Erenor’s finest ports for weeks, these poor imitations are far from seaworthy. Only the fleet that defeats the Leviathan will recover the original design for the galleon’s construction, earning the right craft one for themselves.

With two decks, three masts, and luxurious captain’s quarters, the Enoan Galleon is the largest warship to ever sail the seas. In addition, its unique rowing system (powered by up to four players working in sequence) and the ability to carry the legendary Sea Drake figurehead make it a swift and deadly predator. But what truly sets it apart are its unique defensive capabilities.
With the flick of a switch, the captain can transform this ship into a veritable floating fortress: The cannon deck raises up to the second level—out of the reach of most boarding parties—and the rear ramp seals shut, bristling with damaging spears to repel invaders. Once these defenses are in place, the Enoan Galleon becomes nearly unassailable, making it the crown jewel of any fleet on Erenor.
Fame and Glory
In addition to the Enoan Galleon design, the heroes who defeat the dreaded Leviathan will be given a chance to share their victory with the world. Once the creature is dead, its massive corpse remains, and players will have a limited time tow it north to Diamond Shores. There it can be hoisted up on the great fishing crane at the Ayanad Library, granting all nearby players and NPCs a powerful buff in celebration of the mighty beast’s demise.
But as any seasoned ArcheAge player knows, the journey to port is never an easy one. Unlike the other factions, the Pirates of Growlgate Isle are given a quest that encourages them to destroy the Leviathan’s carcass before it reaches Diamond Shores. Doing so will reward them with an enormous amount of honor, as well as a unique title that only they can earn. Any fleet that manages to defeat the Leviathan should make haste in transporting their prize—for a bloodthirsty horde is sure to be close on their heels!

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