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5/15 Q&A; Livestream Recap

The main differences between this and the transcript ( found here ) is this is much, much shorter, and it's separated into categories. The transcript was done chronologically. The questions have been mostly left untouched.

This week's livestream is hosted by:
Evan "Scapes" Berman, Senior Community Relations Manager.


XL Games Visit
  • Everyone from the production team went
    • Everyone who's ever been on stream
    • And some who haven't
  • Were gone about a week and a half
    • Probably a work week in Korea + travel time
  • The team is still traveling back
  • A full debrief will happen on the next livestream
  • Have a name
    • Not announced yet
  • Pushed to early June
    • A lot of content to test
  • New Zone
    • Mirrar Tundra
      • Reached via worldgate
      • In Karkasse Ridgelands
    • Has a daily kill quest
    • Ice Fishing
      • More info below
  • Leviathan
    • New ocean raid boss
      • GIGANTIC
    • Found using sea monster finder
    • Once killed
      • Drag him back to Diamond Shores
      • Sinch him up on a massive fish hook
      • Really cool to see
  • New Medium boat
    • Called the brigandteen
  • New housing
    • Large Mansion
    • Large Bungalow
  • More 1.7B info next week
  • Patch coming before 1.7B
  • Needs a better name
  • On PTS next week
  • No hard launch date yet
  • New event
    • River Barrel Event
  • Potentially could have
    • Timber Coupe
    • Longboards
    • Still up in the air
ArcheAge 2.0
  • XL just put up info on their site
  • Trion will talk more about it
    • After it launches in Korea
    • Would be premature to do so now
  • Trion is excited about 2.0
  • More info after the debrief next week
Server Transfers
  • Major topic of discussion with XL
  • Narrowing down the time frame
  • Still missing full details
  • Want to get them out as soon as possible
  • More details when it gets closer to being ready
  • Danger cycles reset
  • XL is keenly aware
  • No fix yet
Wind Racer Title
  • Was changed to Arc Racer
  • Will be reverted back
  • Likely in 1.7B
Ability Queue
  • It's being worked on
  • In a testing state right now
  • No timeline available
Skin Hue change
  • Not sure why it happened
  • Contact customer service to get it fixed
Chat bans
  • With return of chat spammers
    • Filters turned up
  • Don't mention the site names
    • Filter picks it up
    • Automatically gives you a 30 minute ban
      • It's temporary
  • Not working retroactively in some cases
  • Key topic Trion discussed with XL in Korea
  • In an initial deployment state
  • Starting potions cannot be consumed
    • If you are past the level to get those potions
  • Exploring possible fixes
    • Possibly a vendor
      • That sells all those items
    • Or just granting them all to those that earned them
      • Better option
      • Since the players don't have to do anything
  • More details during the debrief next week
Botting and Hacking
  • Has been a perceived increase in botting and hacking
  • CS team responds very rapidly and seriously to reports
    • Also evidence submitted via ticketing system
  • Threads show up on forums about a hacker/botter
    • Usually they are already banned by then
    • Not always the case, though
  • If you are worried submit a ticket
    • Ensures CS sees the report and follows up
      • Track hacker/botter behavior
  • Try to match data against other players that may not have been reported
    • To catch them as well
  • If you hack or bot you account will be banned
  • Auction house botting is being treated the same way as any botting
  • Scapes made a thread on it earlier this week
  • Cat and mouse game
    • Botters try to find new ways to beat the system
    • Trion finds out the new ways and stops them
    • Repetitive cycle
  • XL has said future builds are more capable
    • At disabling mods and hacks
Gold buying and selling
  • Trion is noticing the increased chat spam
  • Monitoring and adjusting filters
  • Buying gold won't get you banned
    • But they will take away the gold

Any plans to add the perma anypost owl to loyalty store?
No, we like having that just for the secrets packs.

Castle Sieges question. On to who when a siege scroll goes up on the AH, if the guild who owns it cannot defend the castle they disband the guild and relocate the lodestone under a new guild so the scroll disappears from the AH making people unable to bid on these castles and enact on end game content. If they bid they lose the gold.
Alright, this is one I'm going to need the game runners to voice their opinion on. In my opinion, this is not something that is super intended, it's one of those that is is currently usable with in game mechanics, so it's not an exploit as of yet, but it's something we are going to take up with the developers and see if it is intended or not intended. At a glance, this seems pretty suspect.

Any plans, in the near future, to reintroduce for pirates being able to attack during peace?
No, we talked with XL about it and they don't intend for pirates to be able to attack during peace periods. They want those areas to be accessible during those times.

Will there be new regions added in 1.7B?
Yes, including the Murrar Tundra, which we talked about earlier.

Any news on server transfers?
Basically they are currently working on that methodology, the technology is going to take some time to implement. Once we get closer to it actually being ready for detailing just how it's going to be execute than we can go into further detail on how it's going to be implemented. Just know that XL is working on developing it.

Please fix the UI that resets whenever you alt+tab, crash, or change resolution.

I agree, it's really frustrating. But it's one of those quality of life things that doesn't really have the same priority as working on car collision, reviewing the danger cycle, etc.

Please fix the map icons radar on main character toons. Several people are complaining about not being able to see them.
We are aware of that, this one cropped up while the team was getting ready and leaving to visit XL in Korea. It's at the top of my feedback list because it is definitely something we want to have working properly. It's not ideal, whatsoever, for it not to be showing up correctly. Thank you for the heads up on that.

Red Dragon boss regeneration bug:
I saw the feedback both on Reddit and the forums. Yes, current Red Dragon is the Red Dragon that is in Korea. We're still a couple builds behind them. This dragon is not final, in fact, it's remarkable that you've already been able to get it down 15% given the current power level in the game. That will be getting fixed, well not fixed, just rebalanced as we go through 1.7B and later 2.0.

Some servers are really being dominated by one side and it's causing many people to leave for other servers.
This is something we can reevaluate and look into doing the server locks on certain servers on the weekends to try and reblance the sides. It makes sense to me.

Will we ever get the rest of the voice overs translated over from Korean to English?
No, we actually really like how the Korean VO in the game acts like, to reference another popular IP, Simlish, since it's the same phrase being said over and over again it doesn't start sounding like nails to a chalkboard to you. It makes it sound a little bit different each time, it's not something we are planning on switching out.


Event Timing
  • Issues with it now
    • Overlapping
    • Not at ideal times
      • For different time zones
  • Timing is not currently optimal
    • Will be fixed
  • Goal
    • Make timing ideal for all regions
  • Challenge
    • Because different time zones
  • Possible solutions
    • Space them out more
    • Increase frequency
River Barrel Event
  • Long and short versions
    • 5 minute and 2 minute
      • 5 minute version is a lot harder
  • Earn special tokens
    • Turned it for
      • Cosmetics
        • Swimwear
        • Trophies
      • Consumables
        • With interesting effects
          • Alcohol, maybe?
  • Craftable Barrels
    • Permanent ones
    • Tempororay ones
Spreading Flames event
  • Red Hatchling event
  • Timed differently than anticipated
    • Ended 4 weeks early
      • Since has run for an additional 2 weeks
        • Now off again
  • It will be returning in a couple of months
  • The timing was cut early
  • But the event was running more than it was designed for
    • 3 Times per day rather than once a day

Is there any way to change the time of the abyssal attack?
We are aware that the events are not in their ideal timeframes, there is a lot of overlap, it is something we are definitely looking into changing.

What are the events planned for the next months?
We are looking into doing events for the upcoming 1.7B. We don't have details on those right now.
We will be seeing the River Barrel Race introduced before 1.7B hits.

Items / Crafting

Crystalized Regret
  • Will be usable again
    • Slated for 1.7B
      • Understand that's a ways out
      • But bound to the current build
  • Know lots of people deleted them
    • Will check the data
    • See who deleted during a time frame
    • And restore them
Custom Crests
  • QA team having trouble reliably reproducing the bug
    • They have reproduced it
  • Hard to track down bug
  • QA team is still working on it
  • XL is aware of it
    • Rumors of a fix
    • Will find out in the debrief
Crime Cleaner
  • For sale at General Merchant
    • Not meant to be for sale yet
  • Intended to be added into future builds
  • Currently unusable
  • Going to make a change so you can sell back to vendor
    • For the original purchase price
  • Removing them from General Merchant in next update
Enraged Dragon Cloak
  • Has a bug
    • Not giving the agility from the buff
      • Supposed to ad 50 to each stat
  • Fix is available
    • Should be out in Pre-1.7B
      • Definitely in 1.7B if doesn't make Pre-1.7B
Bungalow Packs
  • Never intended to hold those packs on the lower level
Pine Trees
  • Rumors of a nerf
    • To thunderstruck chance
  • This is untrue
  • Before Dread Prophecies
    • Was a low risk money maker
    • Generated a lot of cash for people
  • Intent with Dread Prophecies was to make it harder
    • More of a challenge
  • There are windows of time to fish safely
    • Possible lower traffic times to fish
      • During events
Ice Fishing
  • Coming in 1.7B
  • In a new zone named Murrar Tundra
  • Buy an ice cutting shovel
    • Purchasable for vocation badges
    • Requires 120k fishing proficiency
  • When using the shovel
    • Possible to spawn an Ice Tuna Hunter
      • It's a bear
    • He drops an Ice Tuna
      • Which can be turned in like any other fish
  • To fish in an ice hole
    • Use a Frozen Wave Fishing Pole
      • Requires 80k handicrafting to make
      • Requires 120k fishing to use
    • Use bait worms
  • Can auto fish with ice fishing
    • Just like normal fishing
  • You can only use ice holes
    • That you, yourself, created
  • They stay open for 2 hours
  • Ice cutting shovel also has 2 hour cooldown
  • A chance to catch very rare fish
    • Requires less to create down lake essences
  • Similar to achievements
    • In an initial state
  • Will be tuned better
  • Issue is
    • Going to locations previously visited
    • Not proccing the exploration
  • XL is aware and want to fix it
  • Might be bundled in a fix
    • With achievements
Blue Salt Brotherhood quests
  • If you're having trouble completing them
    • Check out the walk through
      • Find it in the game and support section
      • Linked in the patch notes
  • Details what needs to be done to resume the quests
    • And get 16x16 and donkey

Were prince purses nerfed?
They did not get nerfed, despite the claim. It's just the sample sizes, you have good days and bad.

What is the next RNG box item?
That's a really good question for Amanda, she has the full schedule. I'll ask her when she gets back in.

Red regrade charms?
The truth is that we don't have a plan to add them to the loyalty store right now. They are sort of living in the RNG boxes. Whether that changes... again, I think it's just a matter of how much feedback we see on it. We've definitely seen a bit of a tend on it, keep it up and keep it constructive, and we'll definitely take it into consideration.

How about a title for Exploration proficiency?
I agree, maybe one if you have all the achievements and one if you have 50k proficiency. I think that makes a lot of sense. Exploration, in it's current implementation, is an initial implementation, we are just getting started. As we see how it pans out, as we look at the data, look at the priorities, see what is more quality of life, what makes the new features worthwhile, I think this kinda falls in that second bucket. I think this is a really good idea.

Any plans to revert rift honor to 1500 honor, like in alpha, or removing the cooldown on worker's compensation potions, like back in alpha?
Uhh, no. Unfortunately, those were thing that we had during early testing. They were changed based on the perceived balance, especially on the labor potions, we didn't want people to just be able to pop those things all day long. So no, we don't have any plans to revert those.

It's extremely difficult to get black pearls for crafting, any plans on changing that? Similarly, there are no recipes that take advantage of the gazillion lobsters and starfish that they are getting from fish traps.
No, but you are getting good use of those octopi that you are getting, and if you have any extra could you send them to me, because I need them for the daily. As you saw with the release of Dread Prophecies we all of a sudden had a lot of those green, of those rare crafting drops shooting up in price very, very rapidly. I would not be surprised if some of the new recipes coming out in in upcoming builds start using those lobsters and starfish. As to the availability of black pearls, it's just one of those things we just have to look at the data, we have to look at how many are currently dropping, what the craft rate it is, we have to check with XL and see if it's intended, if it's not, it's one of those I will definitely take back to the team and say "Hey, this is something we should look into."

Healer drops in instances, I think specifically Serpentis.
That will be coming in the 1.7B update, is when that arrives.

Armageddon Armor:
Yes, that was taken out of the store intentionally. that will be back in the marketplace. I don't have an ETA at the moment, but it has not seen it's last day in the store. Rest assured you can still pick it up.

Vehicles / Ships / Mounts / Housing

  • Two variants
    • Wooden
    • Cogwheel
  • More details when closer to being on PTS
Timber Coupe
  • Not been balanced (nerfed) too hard
  • Not available for vocation tokens
  • Costs Gilda Stars
  • No ability to swap out cars
  • Pushed back to 1.8
  • 1.8 Likely rolled into 2.0
  • Patch notes were lacking
  • Damage output was changed
    • Not a listed change
    • Not one Trion anticipated
  • Brought up to XL
    • They are looking into it
      • Deciding whether to revert it or not
  • Trion tracking as a bug
    • It's really a rebalance issue
Trade Carts
  • Currently able to be destroyed quickly
    • In some cases 2 hits
    • Because of only having 8k health
      • Holiday carts used to have more health
  • This was brought up to XL
    • Not sure their decision yet
  • Follow up during the debrief next week
Cart Collision
  • Major topic of discussions
    • Including with XL
  • Under review right now
    • No easy fix
  • Exploring workarounds
    • Decresing rider's escape cooldown
    • Changing cart collision
      • So that you can push carts out of the way
        • Very code intensive solution
  • No hard time frame
    • Bare minimum is 6 weeks
    • Will not be with 1.7B
  • Aware players are encountering this
    • Not enjoyable gameplay
    • Even though it's emergent gameplay
Growling Yawl (AKA Black Pearl)
  • Good thread on the forums
    • Good feedback
    • Positive feedback
    • Still want more specific feedback
      • Functionality changes?
      • Health buffs?
      • Balance changes vs other ships
      • Is what they are looking for
    • Still reading the feedback thread
  • XL feels the ship is in a good place
    • Compared to other ships available
  • One idea is to change the cosmetic
    • Make it more unique
    • Since it's figurehead can be applied to other ships
      • Same with sails
      • Lost of uniqueness it used to have
Large Mansion
  • 44x44
  • Coming in 1.7B

Mounts normalization tiers:
XL is working on on T3, a third speed, potentially an additional 1 m/s speed. Your going to start seeing more mounts coming into that tier and we'll have more details on whether existing mounts get added to it as it closer to being introduced into the build.

Is there anything being done in regards to the exploit of destroying your own clipper over and over?
We aren't treating that as an exploit, at the moment, it's really time intensive and the return is pretty minimal, honestly. Especially with the many other things you could be doing currently in the game. It is not something we are going to be actioning and changing right now, we'll continue to see if it becomes something that actually requires us to step in and make an adjustment.

Timber coupe?
The changes are being made to it are very minimal, it just can't go up vertical mountains, but it is still very powerful. The design will be purchasable with gilda stars, not vocation badges.

Griffon mount?
Much further out, same thing on black Pegasus, we only just got white Pegasus up on store not that long ago. Griffon and black Pegasus are going to be much further on.

Since current radars are upgrade-able, would turning the dolphin's radar back to 300 meters be possible? Having it at 100 meters kind of defeats the purpose since you'll see the boat before it is picked up on radar.
That's a really good piece of feedback, especially with all the feedback made in dread prophecies. This is one of those we have to say "OK, this is a constructive piece of feedback," we have to see what XL thinks of it, see what the game runners think of it. These are things which I don't have an answer for right now, but we are paying attention.

I spent a lot of gold to get regrade a sea drake figure head because it says for clipper. Afterwards, I realized it is not for a clipper.
This was actually not an item that was intended to come in until the new galleon was introduced. It's not for the clipper at all. If you run into that, if you did get that one, we're keeping an eye on it. While I don't have an idea what our "make good" is, it is something we're going to keep an eye on. Whether it is something we just let people hold on to until the galleon comes in or if we do something in the interim. The good news is that we do have the fixes to those tooltips that say which items go to which ships. Those are going to be coming in with the pre 1.7B update.

Gilda star cost on new mansions?
I did have that, but I lost it, unfortunately. I'll make sure we have that info next week because I'm sure there are some folks who would like to save up, I imagine. [Some people in chat are saying it's 3000.]

Fishing boat latency:
XL is not only aware of it, but it is something that will be addressed. There was a minor fix that came with Dread Prophecies, but at the same time it is something that they are paying attention to and trying to minimize the resource cost of those ships to make them a little bit more efficient and less lag inducing. If you are still experiences it, especially after the next patch, refresh the thread so we can follow up on it.

If you want to watch the livestream check it out here, there was an error with the stream so it's cut into two separate vods.
Part 1
Part 2

You can read the full transcript to the livestream here.

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