Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rum Runner Rapids Event

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Rum Runner Rapids Event Coming Soon

Rum Runner Rapids Event Coming Soon
Summer is almost here, along with one of Haranya’s most raucous celebrations: the annual Rum Runner Rapids event! Join the natives of Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah as they reenact the daring deeds of an infamous band of booze smugglers. Whitewater rapids, liberal libations, and barrel-bouncing fun all await you in this summertime festival coming soon for a limited time.
During Rum Runner Rapids, you can construct colorful casks to use in a series of good-natured races down the roaring Loka River. Once waterborne, you can bounce and jostle for position, maneuvering through rapids and around boulders as you collect your checkpoint flags en route to a daring drop straight off the towering Loka Falls. Those who break their barrels may be mocked – as is tradition – but the sodden souls who reach the bottom will be richly rewarded!
Successfully completing this daily event grants River Festival Coins that you can exchange for a variety of prizes. Stylish swimwear, housing decor, and a unique title are all available, plus a selection of stout refreshments and the event’s whimsical star: Carrot Wings, a donkey who dreams of flight.
So grab a barrel, bring some friends, and prepare to get soaked in the one-and-only Rum Runner Rapids!

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