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Dread Prophecies Spotlight: Sea of Graves and Abyssal Attack

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Dread Prophecies Spotlight: Sea of Graves and Abyssal Attack

Dread Prophecies Spotlight: Sea of Graves and Abyssal Attack
Just northwest of Freedich Isle lies a stretch of ocean where even the most seasoned pirates fear to sail. Its dark waters swirl with an unnatural current, and the skies are blackened by a constant storm. Every rock and jagged pillar that juts up from the waves is piled high with the broken ships of those who came before. These grim monoliths of wood and stone are what give the place its name: the Sea of Graves.
Terror from the Deep
In Dread Prophecies, you can piece together the history of the Sea of Graves and the evil that is contained within. This story culminates in a daily event called the Abyssal Attack, in which dark forces summon an Abyssal Kraken to destroy the holy statue that keeps them at bay. Successfully defending this tower (known as Ezi’s Light) can yield great rewards, but earning them – and keeping them – is more difficult than it seems.
When the Abyssal Attack begins, players from all three factions (Nuians, Haranyans, and Pirates) will receive a notice that Ezi’s Light is under assault. You can then sail to the Sea of Graves and attempt to destroy the Abyssal Kraken. But keep in mind, your enemies will be trying to do the same thing. Whether you work together for this stage or fight the Kraken and opposing factions at the same time will be entirely up to you – and your fellow players!
Battle for Whirlpool Island
Two things happen when the Kraken is destroyed. First, a series of chests containing Ship Component Regrade Scrolls float to the surface. These chests can be claimed by anyone, so the crew who slays the kraken would do well to keep an eye out for scavengers. Second, a holy beacon appears on the island at the base of Ezi’s Light. Any faction that is able to channel into this beacon for 5 uninterrupted minutes will succeed in repairing Ezi’s Light and gain control of the Whirlpool Island on which it stands – but this, too, is no easy task!
Other factions are able to interrupt a repair attempt by attacking the central island directly or destroying any of the three Ocean Guardstones that appear throughout the Sea of Graves. If you hope to repair Ezi’s Light, you will need to protect the beacon and the Guardstones from enemies on opposing factions.
Sea of Rewards
For a well-coordinated navy, the prize for repairing Ezi’s Light is well worth the risk. Once you restore it to its former glory, two enormous nodes of Abyssal Crystal will appear on Whirlpool Island, as well as a pair of powerful cannons to help you defend your newfound wealth. These crystals can be mined up to 300 times to create valuable Trade Packs that can be turned in to an Ocean Trader for 70 gold each. Any player can make and deliver multiple Trade Packs (with a 5-minute cooldown on mining the required crystals), allowing for a potentially huge payday.
In addition, repairing Ezi’s Light summons a holy standard at both Whirlpool Island and your faction’s primary port. This standard grants a buff to any member of your (winning) faction, improving key abilities in every skill tree and increasing shelling damage for 3 hours.
And believe us – you’re going to need it! Because any player (from any faction) can mine the Abyssal Crystals, the final stage of Abyssal Attack is a desperate attempt to maintain control of the central island while loading up your ships. Add in the fact that each player can only mine the crystals once every five minutes, and you have a recipe for an extended – and bloody – ocean melee.
Whether you’re trying to control Whirlpool Island, escape safely with your Trade Packs, or catch your enemies on their way to port, your faction will need to work together at its very best if you want to reap the rewards of this massive ocean PvP event!

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