Update notes for the Dread Prophecies May Content Update 5/26/2015 - NOTE: This content update occurs in preparation for the future Devouring Depths (1.7b) Update schedule for late June.

Added the Timber Coupe. Recipes can be found under Machining > Vehicles.
- The Timber Coupe Design can be purchased from Mirage Isle for 1,200 Gilda Stars.
- Added the recipe for "Crafted Vehicle Frame: Timber Coupe" to the Handicraft Kiln and Regal Handicraft Desk.
- Added a crafting method to upgrade the Apex Squall and Comet Speedster to the Timber Coupe under Machining > Vehicles.

Added the Longboard and Cogwheel Longboard. Recipes can be located under the Artistry profession.
- Added the recipe for the Cogwheel Motor.
- Added Longboard Achievements.

== EVENTS ==
The Rum Runner Rapids Event comes to Rookborne Basin until 6/16/2015! To get started, visit the event NPCs located in Rookborne Basin just south of Loka's Steps.
- Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah have been forced into peace for the duration of the event.
- Up to 3 River Festival Coins can be earned per day by completing event quests.
- Rewards can be purchased with River Festival Coins from the Festival Gift Exchanger.
- Players can craft two types of Barrels to participate in the event at the Barrel Workbench:
- Scroll: Strawberry Barrel (temporary, lasts 30 minutes)
- Scroll: Watermelon Barrel (permanent, can be used at water locations)

The Archeum Exchange Event has ended and Archeum Conversion recipes are no longer available at an Archeum Workbench.

Translations have been updated to the latest verison.
Applied new voiceover files.
Fixed the issue in certain Ship Component tooltips that listed the wrong ships to be attached to.
Corrected the damage bonus listed on the Concussive Arrow skill tooltip to read Ranged Attack +525% instead of Magic Attack +525%.

Coming this afternoon (PDT) to the Marketplace and Award tabs:

Treetop Archeum Supply Crate – Has a rare chance to contain the rare and reclusive Glider Companion: Squirrel. Available for 490 Credits.
- Important: Glider Companion: Squirrel is untradeable.
Glider Companion: Squirrel – A reclusive and adorable Squirrel Glider to accompany you on your journey through Erenor. Available for 350 Loyalty Tokens.
- Important: Glider Companion: Squirrel is untradeable.

Cogwheel Motor – Used to upgrade a Longboard to a Cogwheel Longboard. This item can also be crafted. Available for 2,000 Credits.

Majestic Tree – Place this item to create a large tree which can be logged 10 times for a large amount of logs. This item is also available from the vocation badge vendors. Available for 300 Credits.

Items leaving the Marketplace with this update:
Lord Cottontail’s Archeum Supply Crate
Lady Fluffsworth
Lady Fluffsworth Rabbit Package
Silver Tick-Tock Top Hat
White Blazer Rabbit Saddle
Silver Tick-Tock Legguards

Lunar Scarecrow Farm – A 16x16 farm with the scarecrow located on the edge of the farm to provide more farming space. Available for 2,000 Credits.
- Important: Limited to one per account.
- Important: Property taxes for this farm are not affect by the amount of property owned by the player.

Solar Scarecrow Farm – A 16x16 farm with the scarecrow located on the edge of the farm to provide more farming space. This item functions the same as the Lunar Scarecrow Farm that is available for Credits. This farm is available for 300 Gilda Stars and purchased through the Marketplace under “Award” and the sub-category “Gilda Star”.
- Important: Limited to one per account.
- Important: Property taxes for this farm are not affect by the amount of property owned by the player.

The Solar and Lunar Scarecrow Farm can both be upgraded to the Improved Solar or Lunar Pavilion Farm Design through in-game crafting methods (Construction).

An Improved Solar or Improved Lunar Pavilion Farm is a 24x24 with the pavilion located at the edge of the farm. If you would like the pavilion centered on the farm area, it can be converted using Construction into a regular Solar or Lunar Pavilion Farm. This conversion can be reversed, and regular Solar or Lunar Pavilion farms can be changed back to Improved Solar or Lunar Pavilion Farms.

If you really want to, you can take your Improved Solar or Improved Lunar Pavilion Farm (24x24) and convert it back to the original Solar or Lunar Scarecrow Farm (16x16) also through recipes in the Construction list.

Due to the account-specific nature of these farms it may not be possible to use an appraisal certificate to transfer them. We have reports from PTS of this being the case and are currently ensuring this is intended functionality.

The next costume-related gift/crate/chest box will contain an updated drop table similar to how the Archeum Supply Crate was updated with the introduction of the Celestial Pegasus.
- To prepare for this change, Superior Red Regrade Charms were removed from the Tree Top Archeum Supply Crate and will be found in the costume box that follows the currently available Wavewyrm chest instead.
- Drop tables have shifted slightly to compensate for this change.

Increased the base amount of labor to craft and turn in trade packs from 60 to 70.
- Improved the gold rewards for some intercontinental trade pack routes by 10-15%.
Slightly adjusted the range of coin from purses.
Returned the option to disintegrate Crystallized Regret resulting in Abyssal Shards or an Abyssal Crystal.
The Crime Cleaner item has been removed from General Merchants.
- Existing Crime Cleaners may be sold to a vendor for their original purchase price of 1 gold.
Texture clipping was adjusted in Dewstone Plains to prevent characters from falling through the world.
Changed the Forcibly Awaiting Trial debuff so that affected players are not teleported when the debuff times out.
Changed the Seamist Researcher's gender from Female to Male.
Fixed the issue where the Magnificent Shirt's right arm patterns appeared incorrectly when equipped on a Firran Female Character.
Fixed a graphical issue with the Nuian Female character's appearance while wearing the Witchcraft Disciple Costume.
Fixed the Cursed Earth item to be usable in battle for the quest: Trouble at the Weeping Mine.
Fixed the issue where using the Dragon's Wrath skill on the cloak "Enraged Red Dragon's Legacy" did not increase Agility +50.
Fixed the issue where entering music notes on Music Paper and test-playing it prevents it from saving.
Fixed the graphical issue where looking at a character treading water from underwater caused the hair and eyebrows to appear detached.
Fixed the German GUI issue that displayed the wrong result text for regrades.
Fixed the issue where certain uninhabited islands are not marked on the maps for Haranya, Castaway Straight, and Halcyona Gulf.
Fixed the issue where some deaths resulted in teleporting to an unknown area upon Reviving.