Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5/22 Korea Visit Debfrief and Pre-1.7B Livestream Recap

This week's livestream is hosted by:
Evan "Scapes" Berman, Senior Community Relations Manager,
Merv "Khrolan" Lee Kwai, Producer,
Amanda "Amary" Fry, Associate Producer.


  • This is not a Q&A livestream
  • Still, the community posted 15 pages of questions
  • Trion will look those over for next week's Q&A livestream

Korea Visit

  • Great visit
  • Team had a lot of fun
  • Got to meet more of the XL team
  • Got a lot done
  • Main point of visits
      • Either Trion to KR
      • Or XL to USA
    • Is to go over game roadmap
    • Talk about recent work
    • Make sure both teams are on the same page
  • One of the main talking points was
    • What's coming for ArcheAge
    • And the time frame for the updates
  • Khrolan took notes he takes from the forums to XL
    • Notes on player conerns
  • Shared top 10 player concerns
  • Demoed them to XL
  • XL was very receptive of these concerns

Server Merges / Character Transfers

  • XL is working on it
  • Will be this year
    • No exact date yet
  • Merges on other Regions are currently handled like
    • Lower pop servers get merged into a new server
    • Everyone loses their land
      • New character creation is turned off when the new server launches
      • So that the characters that were transferred from their original server
        • Get first land priority
  • Will have a comprehensive guide to server merges and character transfers
    • Before they release

May update (Pre-1.7B)

  • Check out Patch Notes Here
  • Showing some today on stream
  • Available on live as early as Tuesday 5/26
    • Current target date
    • Not on PTS yet
      • Still getting that together
      • Trying to get things put together as quickly as possible
  • Some additional content
    • Trion wanted to get in before 1.7B
  • Timber Coupe
    • Not exactly like it was in Alpha
    • Has 4 wheel drive
      • Goes up hills better than the other cars
      • Not as well as it was in Alpha
        • Still pretty good
    • Abilities
      • R Boost with ecofuel
      • T Jump Ability
      • Y Barrel Roll
    • Cost 1200 Gilda Stars
    • Get on Mirage Isle
    • From Machining
      • Normal Chassis, Tires, Drive Engine, and Design
    • Added a conversion system from other cars
      • Uses existing car scroll
      • Build a new chassis
      • Spend an additional 500 gilda stars
      • Converts old car to Timber Coupe
  • Longboards
    • Base longboard doesn't go too fast
      • You use a kick and push ability
      • A lot faster downhill
        • 15-18 m/s
    • Can convert basic to Cogwheel Longboard
      • With in game crafting
      • And a marketplace item
      • You don't have to kick
      • It drives better
    • Crafted with Artistry
    • Base longboard
      • Not too expensive
    • Cogwheel longboard
      • Craft the motor
      • Cost 15 thunderstruck logs
      • Plus additional components
    • No tradepacks on longboards
      • You can't stand on a longboard
        • With a tradepack on
  • Festival Period
    • Like peace period
    • So West can do event in peace
  • Rum Runner River Rapids Event
    • In Rookborne
      • Fast Rapid River
    • Craft a barrel
      • Run down the river in the barrel
    • Barrel has abilities
      • Swerve left and right
      • Dive under water
      • Jump in the water
    • Try to grab flags
    • Earn river festival points
      • Can earn 2 per day
    • Can buy numerous things
      • Swimwear
        • Several different types
      • Spirits and Alchohol
      • Hangover Cure
      • Cyanfin
        • Cost a good amount of tokens
      • Barrel Rider Title
      • Carrot Wings
        • Cost 47 tokens
        • Carrot Dash with wings
        • Has normal donkey abilities
        • Same base speed as carrot dash
        • Has a short duration glide-jump-hop thing
          • 10 second cooldown
          • 5 second usability
    • Any level can partake in the event
    • ~24 day length
  • Crystallized Regret Fix
  • Flying Squirrel Bomber Glider
    • Similar to sloth glider
    • T is the spin up that the sloth has
    • Another is a dash forward while gliding
    • An acorn bomb gets dropped
      • Requires ammunition
      • Does siege damage
      • Similar to the thunderbolt glider
        • Flying squirrel glider does slightly less damage

Devouring Depths (1.7B)

  • End of June
  • Leviathan
  • Will include everything that we don't have yet
    • That is in KR 1.7


  • Just released in KR
  • On the roadmap for this year for us
  • Starting to get the build now
    • Have parts of it

Honor Exploit

  • Happened on last Sunday
  • Once aware Trion got a fix out in around 6 hours
  • One of the worst abused things Trion has seen so far in ArcheAge
  • Getting harsh penalties
  • Some people thought this wasn't a big deal and would not have a big penalty
    • Some people saying punishment was too harsh
    • Players don't have a good idea on that though
      • Because all punishment is not shared publicly
    • Lots of people worried too many players were banned
      • In some smaller circles it seems like tons of players were banned
      • On a game wide scale that isn't true
      • It's just sample size
      • If a bunch of players in your circle got banned for something
      • It seems like a larger amount

Unsupported Gameplay vs Exploit

  • Unsupported gameplay would be using mechanics in unintended ways
    • Gain a player gets is relatively small
  • Exploits
    • The gains are a gross advantage
    • As well as the means unintended
  • If you discover something that seems broken
    • Ask Trion
    • Player feedback helps in this stuff
  • Khrolan doesn't like banning players
    • But in MMO's its going to have to happen sometimes

Growling Yawl

  • Mentioned it in Korea
  • Trion understands player feedback
    • Appearance
    • Functionality
  • It's still in discussion right now
    • Trion is working on it
    • Unsure anything will change, though


Any plans to increase family size?
Was brought up, but no plans to change right now. On a list of changes we'd like to have in NA.

Event Timing?
We are working on this. Our goal is to make it so the timing works out well and gives the widest spread of timing to the greatest amount of players. Right now it's a little too early for our west cost players, too late for the EU players. We will likely make events run a little more often. We like the River Rapids event because anyone can log in any anytime and participate in it.

Event Rewards, some lager guilds can get a monopoly on controlling the resources of the events.
This is a bit of an issue, it's why we haven't seen the nation system in NA. Because XL firmly believes that the nation system only further contributes to that problem. XL is working on fixes.

Iron Clad Damage?
Still in bug status, still being reviewed

Black Pearls (mats not ship), the drop rate is too rare, can we do anything?
Not only rare, but challenging. Lots of players are out there and even if you do find one it's probably on cooldown because lots of players are out there. Looking at other ways to introduce black pearls into the world. Korea had the same issue and they solved it by bringing in an event or some other avenue of getting black pearls out there. We will let you know because it will effect the value of them.

Mansion Cost?
Yep, 3000 Gilda. 44x44 size.

Achievement System missing lots of retroactive applications, any fix?
We are still looking into this. We have a thread on the forums looking for some directed feedback. We've been getting lots of really good and helpful feedback. We'll be taking info from this and going to XL with it and trying to find some creative solutions.

Danger status persistance on server restarts?
Talked about it, no update yet.

Reducing kill requirement to advance danger levels.
Tough one because each server has a different experience based on population and pvp. It's in discuttion right now.

Perceived faction imbalances on servers?
Said every game ever. We want to keep servers balanced. Will keep in mind when server transfers come in.

Kick ability is kicking captains off the wheel, is this intended?
If it's there you guys will find it. Probably not intended, in as a bug right now.

Ability Queue update?
Lots of challenges, wanted to ship it with Dread Prophecies. We encounter issues with it interacting with other systems. Trying to solve all the issues then it will be available.

Any skill rebalancing coming up?
1.8 should have some small tweaks.

Will do a more in depth Q&A next week.

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