Monday, May 4, 2015

5/1 Livestream Recap

This week's livestream is hosted by:
Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai,
Associate Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry,
and Community Manager Evan "Scapes" Berman


  • Crystallized Regrets
    • Earned from Serpentis Dungeon
    • Use them to evolve into other abyssal shards / abyssal crystals
    • Use those to upgrade Serpentis weapons
    • People saved them to use on Obsidian armor
    • Ended up that the older version of the Crystallized Regrets became "somewhat unusable"
    • This did not meet player expectations
    • Trion took player feedback and had a discussion with XL about it
      • XL agreed this was not an "optimal experience"
    • Trying to keep the new drops as they are while fixing the old version
      • Current drops from Serpentis are going to stay the way they are
      • They've noted feedback that drops are low and are watching
      • Old drops are going to change in 1.7B (they know, it's a ways off)
    • If you deleted them or vendored them because they became unusable
      • Trion is going to look to get them back to you when 1.7B ships
  • Achievement System
    • A lot of achievements didn't retroactively auto complete
      • Some simple, basic ones
      • And some that generally only happen once
    • This is Trion's top priority right now
    • They are looking into ways to get more of the ones players have completed to them
    • Achievements is a complex system so they missed some
    • Exploration has some similar problems they are looking into
    • Feedback helps with this so they know where to look for fixes
  • Patch Notes
    • Lots of ninja patch notes in 1.7A
      • Missing notes
    • XL Games creates the game and gives Trion the patch notes
    • Patch notes are in Korean
    • If translated wrong or read wrong then a mistake can be made
    • Lots of places small mistakes can happen
    • NA/EU is 9 months behind KR
      • Sometimes changes are made and missed by XL
    • Lots of additional patch notes were added during PTS testing
      • Thanks to feedback
  • Halycona
    • Changes mostly because there are lots of new events.
      • Mistmerrow
      • Freedich gold trader
      • etc
    • They wanted people to focus on other events
    • Trion has an open issue with XL to see if conflict is supposed to last so long
      • Pretty sure peace is supposed to be that long
  • Mistmerrow
    • The battles are infrequent
    • Timing is not that good for multiple timezones
    • Start a discussion of the forums if you want to give more feedback
      • About making them happen more frequently
      • Khrolan's suggestion
  • Language
    • Another unexpected change
    • Trion is looking to get it changed back
    • From letters back to symbols
  • Spreading Flames Event
    • May 7 - May 10 will be the last days
    • Could bring the event back later this year
    • Trion is hoping so
  • Dread Prophecies screenshot contest
    • Results should be posted this week

Lower kills / timer to get zones through war cycles, are you still talking to XL about this?
This is, admittedly, a lower priority issue, but one we do want to look into to help out the smaller servers and the zones that rarely see the whole cycle.

Any timeline on T3 mounts?
Nothing right now, we'll talk about it when we go to Korea.

How long will the Pegasus be in the loyalty store?
No plans to remove it anytime soon, it should be there a long time. Sloth will likely be removed before the Pegasus.

Steam pack items have been for sale a lot in game, is this legit?
We've been reviewing these items to make sure they aren't fraudulent in anyway.

Is Trion still actively policing people buying gold?
Yes, yes they are.

Can we increase character slots?
Haven't seen anything on this?

Any plans to make bind on pickup items from the marketplace bind on account?
No plans, but it's possible it could happen someday.

Why are UI's shuffling on relog?
This is a tough one, because it isn't happening to everyone and it's rare enough that we are trying to figure out the link between those that are experiencing it.

The skin tone of my character has change, help!?
Contact support, they will fix it for you. Trion are not 100% certain why this happened. They noticed it during internal testing, but they could not reproduce it and it wasn't an issue worth delaying the launch of Dread Prophecies, so they went forward anyways, not certain how many people it would affect, but knowing so and making support aware so they can help you fix it if needed.

Custom crests got a fix in KR, recently, to keep the crests from disappearing, are we getting that fix soon?
It isn't scheduled right now, but we are hoping to get it sooner than later.

Any update when Serpentis will get healing gear introduced?
No definitive timeline on this, trying to get it soon.

Name changes?
We don't want to say never, but this would cause a lot of problems.

Can pirates get their own faction chat?
Interesting idea, not slated right now, though.

Vehicles / Ships

  • Ironclad
    • Trion wasn't aware the damage was changed
      • Player feedback brought attention to it
    • Will talk to XL to see why it changed
  • Captains Inspiration
    • Had bad patch notes on this
    • Buff captain gets for being on the ship
    • Immune to a good amount of cc
    • Higher amount of evasion
  • Timber Coupe
    • Not getting very nerfed
      • Very strong car
    • Trion doesn't want to make a super OP car, though
    • Not sure yet about upgrades or swapping current cars
      • Have talked to XL about the possibility
        • Since some people bought other cars only because the timber coupe was not available
    • They haven't seen the final build or notes on this
    • Design likely purchased with Gilda Stars
  • Black Pearl
    • Trion feels it's a bit weak right now
    • Iconic ship, takes a lot of effort
    • Ships based more on parts now than the hull
    • Part of it is just the nature of changes
    • Going to look into balancing it more in line with other ships
    • Start a discussion on the forums
      • And give details on where you think it should be
        • Specifically, like do x, y, and z to bring it in line
  • Blockades
    • Trion looking to give players more tools do deal with them
    • Tough issue to tackle
      • Some on team think it is emergent gameplay
      • Some don't like them
    • Looking to give players more tools to deal with them
    • While keeping them effective in effort is put into making the blockade
  • Fishing and Merchant ships
    • Gold earning boats
    • They are supposed to be slower
      • To promote teamwork
      • Get teammates to protect you
  • Collision for ships
    • People using clippers to farm scrolls and gold
    • Not an intended design feature
    • Been talked about internally
    • Seems like a good way to do it
    • Not that overblown of an issue, though
      • Players think it's happening more than it is
      • Based on logs available to Trion

Hoping 1.7B, need to verify.

Any chance of increasing the owner's mark duration?
We could look at it, but not sure it's necessary. You have to be diligent with your owner's mark application.

Some ship components are saying they can be used by small to medium warship or all ships but the clipper can't use them. Can we get this fixed?
We know there are some inconsistencies in descriptions and how they actually work. If you report it then it will help us find these mistakes. When you report it or Trion finds one then it goes to Q&A who find out how it should be and fixes it. The process can take a few weeks but they will get fixed.

Crafting / Housing
  • Archeum Trees
    • Originally said they would transition from one type to the other
      • Also that planted would not become radiant
    • Tried to give us the correct info
    • Was a patch notes issue
    • Trion didn't have good info on this to start
    • Would be great if they could test every single use case
      • This is a challenge
    • Trion feels they failed on this one
  • Trade Packs on Bungalows
    • Trion's understanding that they were never intended to be placed there
    • A change made by XL

Why are motes in pouches?
We know opening a pouch and getting a mote is not a good feeling, and this was not something that Trion knew would happen. They also didn't know that Archeum Trees would drop so much, so you might want to look into those to get your Archeum. It was possibly done because bots farm pouches and this gives them another hoop they have to jump through if they want to sell their Archeum and then that gold.

Any discussion to allow a house rotation option on properties that have already been built?
It's a cool idea, this is the idea of the week. This could be cool to swap a house instead of having to demo and rebuild if you want to swap out.

Can you increase the sell price of dead Archeum trees?
There's no plans for that.

Future Updates

  • We are half way caught up to the Korean version
  • Visit to XL Games in Korea is coming soon
    • Talk about future updates
    • Talk about how NA and EU players react to changes and features
  • Trade Runs
    • In the coming months Trade Runs will be heavily emphasized
  • Dread Prophecies part 2 (1.7B)
    • Timber coupe
    • Longboards (skateboards)
    • End of May
      • Potentially early June
      • On PTS about 2 weeks before then

Are there any plans to replace Secrets of Ayanad packs with new packs?
Yes, but it's based on every other update, they figured that players would be focused on their ships, and they are hoping to revamp them for upcoming content which is going to do with housing. It won't be with 1.7B.

BIG thanks to the ArcheAge team for the shout out, that made my day.

If you missed the stream and want to check it out you can see on Trion's Twitch channel here , it's 50 minutes long this week.

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