Thursday, January 29, 2015

ArcheAge Patch Notes: Version 1.2 Build 4.18

ArcheAge Updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.18

ArcheAge Updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.18
ArcheAge is updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.18 ! The patch notes can be found below.
A series of events will be running on all servers through the end of February, aimed at increasing equipment and skill levels on the path toward the level 55 update. Here’s the rundown:
PARTY TIME – Sea of Drowned Love and Serpentis
* New portals directly to Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love (10-player version) now appear in Caernord, Marianople, and Growlgate Isle.
* New quests at the portals provide 3 entry tokens to each dungeon every day.
* Additional quests at the portals reward completion of various dungeon objectives with Lunadrops, Lunafrosts, and packages of 10-day duration temporary jewelry items in your choice of stat.
* New quests are available from the Temple Priestesses at Glorious Nui statues, offering rewards for achieving level 50 in multiple skill trees.
* For each skill tree that reaches level 50, you will receive a Library Expedition Legacy item. Collect enough of these items and turn them in for the following stacking rewards:
- 5 Library Expedition Legacies: 80 Dragon Bone Chips
- 7 Library Expedition Legacies: 1 of 3 Fire Ember Necklaces – Strength, Agility, or Intelligence.
- 10 Library Expedition Legacies: 100 Dragon Bone Chips
* Library Expedition Legacies are granted retroactively by Temple Priestesses; if you already have multiple or all trees at level 50, you will be granted quest completion for each of the skill quests you have leveled when speaking with the Temple Priestess.
* Library Expedition Legacies are only removed from your inventory at the point you turn in the 10 Legacy quest. Completing the 5 and 7 quests will leave these items in your inventory for the next stage up.
* Dragon Bone Chips are items used in crafting Red Dragon accessories at the Dragonslayer’s Workbench in Wyrmkin Camp, Karkasse Ridgelands.
* Every 30 minutes, an icon in the bottom left corner will light up to offer you a Divine Gift package. You can collect a maximum of 10 Divine Gifts per day.
* Divine Gifts can be opened to receive Sun/Moon/Starpoints, Lucky Sun/Moon/Star Points, bound food, potions, Lunarites, Hereafter Stones, fireworks, or Any-Post Owls.
* Divine Gifts are untradeable.
* Added recipes to Handicrafts for the Spacious Storage Chest (50 slot), Illustrious Storage Chest (80 slot), and the new Golden Teardrop Storage Chest (100 slot). The recipes are available on Regal Handicraft Desks. These are the same items as can be purchased through the Marketplace, and are interchangeable in the crafting recipes. The Golden Teardrop Storage Chest will also be available in an upcoming Marketplace update.
* The Illustrious Storage Chest recipe now only appears on the Regal Handicraft Desk.
* Added a recipe for players to craft the Land Expansion Certificate item, which will also be available via Marketplace. These items can be crafted at any house or farm in the same way Bound Tax Certificates can be made. The recipe takes (1) Land Expansion Permit, available from General Merchants for 300 gold, and 100 Bound Tax Certificates – purchased, non-bound tax Certificates do not work in this recipe. The Land Expansion Certificate item will also be available in an upcoming Marketplace update.
* The drop rate of the Fuschiafin dolphin mount from Dahuta in the Sea of Drowned Love has been increased.
* Sport Fishing: Fixed a bug where your target would not auto-change to your fish if you had selected another target prior to hooking it.
* The “Burrow” activated skill, gained by cooking Trimmed Meat over a campfire, can no longer be used inside dungeon instances.
* The Goblin Glider tooltip showed flight stats in line with other gliders, however the actual glide speed was slower than it should have been. This has been fixed and the Goblin Glider now flies at the same speed of other equally-statted gliders.
* Adjusted animation of Feathered Dragon Glider to make it smoother.
* Fixed a case where the speed of a destroyed rowboat could be incorrectly displayed.
* The Pet Healing Potion available on the Marketplace can no longer be consumed on dead pets without having an effect. It’s now blocked with an appropriate error message.
* The Report Spam cooldown has been reduced to 1 second.
* The next iteration of ArcheAge’s learning spam filter is now in place. Please help train it by reporting spammers using the Report Spam tool.
* Fixed a text error where the error for being unable to use skills near a Nui stone was displayed incorrectly.
* Swapped the Korean string on the Dim Daybreak item for an English/French/German one.
This update will be available for download via Glyph during the announced EU and NA server outages. Please visit our Server Status forum for details.
Looking to try out the new content early? The Public Test Server has been updated with this latest patch and is .

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